How to Get a Permanent Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2022

How to Get a Permanent Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2022

How to get a permanent WhatsApp US number from any country
In case you are looking for a US mobile number any where out of America I bet you are in the right place. In this article we will guide you with some of the methods that will help you obtain one starting with the country code which is +1 for outbound text/call messages or inbound text/call messages in your country without getting to spend any dime.It is not easy to get a US virtual phone

number especially for WhatsApp verification. But hopefully, this is your bus stop because in today’s article, I will give you two best methods that you can use to get a US number for WhatsApp verification.

Most of you here don’t actually know what a Virtual Phone Number is. So, let me give you a brief description of a virtual phone number.

What is a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number, also known as direct inward dialing or access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client: fixed, mobile, or VoIP

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How do we get a permanent WhatsApp US number from any country for free?

We will be using 2 virtual phone number provider apps that will give you a virtual phone number that you can use not only for WhatsApp but also for SMS verifications. There are many app that provide virtual phone numbers out there but we have spotted the best of all that are secure and private. You can get them below;

Method 1 : TextPlus App (Free US Mobile Number)

  • Firstly, download TextPlus App. This app is available for both Android and iOS Mobile Phone.
  • Secondly, Open the app and sign up that is register with your email address.
  • Thirdly, import your contacts (you can ass well skip this if you want to).
  • Once in the app, go to settings, you scroll down to the bottom and click one “Get A Free
  • TextPlus number”
  • Finally, select the state, code and click on continue. If everyone goes well or successfully, you
  • will see your number.

Therefore you are set and ready. you can now use this Free US Mobile number for making, receiving calls/ text messages; just for any mobile verification purpose like Banks, Gmails, Google voice. another simple feature or characteristic of this app is ‘Call back Text’. Suppose you do not have sufficient balance to call your party then can send a free call back text message to person you want to call. You will receive an auto-draft message from this app saying something like “Hey its Harpreet, give me a call call back at this number +1(your textplus number)”.

Download TextPlus App

Method 2 Google Voice Number (Free US Mobile Number)

Google voice is not available in every part of the world to know that first. If you want to get a Google voice number then one thing which you need to have is a US based mobile number. To over this issue; you can use TextPlus and Hewwire app to get a free US mobile number for Google voice verification. Google voice number is very important and necessary to make and receive calls through Hangouts. People in India can use Hangouts app on mobile and can make free international (USA) voice calls round the internet. But first you need to have a US google voice account number to use Google voice with your hangout accounts.

Benefits of using an account with U.S. number

More privacy.
International number.
Hiding your original number is to get a secure account.
Unlimited international calling trick is free.
Shock your family members and friends by sending the message with US number.
WhatsApp can use with the temporary spoof number.
Join Telegram Channel
Features of WhatsApp U.S. number trick:
No hidden cost (totally free).
Record the WhatsApp call.
Working with Android smartphone without any issues.
Create an account with an international number that is +1 series.

Conclusion or final thoughts on how to get permanent free US number for WhatsApp verification

Hope from all these you can have the knowledge to get a permanent WhatsApp number from any country for free? All you need to do is to follow the above article on how to get a permanent US number for WhatsApp verification carefully and if any doubt do not hesitate to lay down you complain