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How to get access/watch SABC channels for free

watch SABC channels for free
watch SABC channels for free

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is the country’s national broadcaster. It is supported by television license fees as well as commercial advertising. SABC has five television networks and roughly 20 radio stations.

SABC TV broadcasts are legally only available to residents of South Africa.

SABC TV Channels

SABC1 is a South African community public service television channel that broadcasts content in English and Nguni.
SABC2 is a public television channel in South Africa that transmits programming in English, Afrikaans, Venda, and Tsonga.
SABC3 – it broadcasts a significant number of foreign television programs, mostly in English.
SABC News is a 24-hour news station that broadcasts local and worldwide news as well as current events programming.
SABC Encore is a free-to-air digital satellite and digital terrestrial television retro replay station that broadcasts 24 hours a day.

When you include the R265 annual TV license price, it is technically impossible to watch SABC channels fully free of charge. Paying R28 a month is an option, but it adds up to R336 per year. While payment compliance varies, license payments still account for a component of SABC’s revenue. Apart from free-to-air, all of the other broadcasting mediums listed below have an ongoing expense.

Free-to-Air TV

Because SABC is a government-owned and publicly funded broadcaster, it is mandated by law to reach as many people as possible in South Africa. One of the key means is free-to-air terrestrial broadcasting, which is available throughout South Africa, particularly in urban areas.

SABC broadcasts all five TV stations utilizing analogue and digital (DVB-T2) signals as of December 2019.

It’s worth noting that analogue signals will soon be phased out so that TV frequencies can be repurposed for mobile/wireless broadband services by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

You only need to buy a new TV set to receive SABC TV broadcasts. Analogue and digital tuners are included into the majority of current televisions. An external antenna is highly useful, especially if you live in a city where the nearest broadcast mast is far away or if concrete structures or dense natural landscapes impede the signal.

The specific broadcast frequencies aren’t required. More importantly, the exact channel for each site is determined by the closest Sentech repeater. A modern television set can auto-scan and memorize the frequencies of all the powerful TV signals it can detect in the area.

When the signal is strong enough, digital TV provides the finest experience. Not only is the picture/sound quality significantly better, but various additional data services (such as programming information) are also available.

OpenView HD

OpenView is a South African Free To View Direct Broadcast Satellite television service that broadcasts various television and radio programs for free. You must live in South Africa and acquire the start-up kit to use the service. The specifics can be found here.

Only SABC1, SABC2, and SABC3 are available on OpenView, out of the five SABC channels. The channels aren’t in high definition, but they’re enough and include complete programming schedules.

Free DTH Satellite

Sentech broadcasts SABC stations direct-to-home (DTH) on Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E: 11514 V. Only SABC News (HD) and SABC Encore are unencrypted among the five channels.

Almost-free DStv

The DStv EasyView bundle, which costs 29 Rands per month, includes all five SABC TV channels as well as 32 other channels such as e.TV, Soweto TV, Bay TV, 1 KZN, Tshwane TV, Cape Town TV, GauTV, and Lesotho TV. A free month is included with an annual payment.

Live Streaming

On YouTube, SABC News and SABC 2 live broadcast key national events on a regular basis. There isn’t a single static link. Because each live stream has a unique address, we are unable to link to it.

Many of the TV shows are available for free on YouTube, while others have recently been relocated to the Viu app.



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