Best Free Internet Tricks | How to Get Unlimited Free Internet at Home from Any Country

How to Get Unlimited Free Internet at Home from Any Country – Best Free Internet Tricks

How to Get Unlimited Free Internet at Home from Any Country:- Free internet connection is what everyone wants these days since we find viral queries being made all through the web and even on social media platforms. Some people use this free internet to get money in return and when these people don’t have free internet to offer their buyers, they end up scamming them with all free internet tricks that do not work anymore.

We even find most of our free internet tricks being sold out there on many platforms and we have taken some major steps to avoid that by placing our trademark on most of our contents so that everyone will be alerted of the source and can easily find the free internet tricks from our library of free internet tricks.
Our frequent blog readers know we always strive to provide them with free internet tricks but unfortunately, we cannot get all countries covered in an instant so what we do is we provide these tricks for each country as we get them. So by the end, we still got all countries covered.

To date, we notice that many people out there don’t know of free internet yet. If you however happen to fall on such people one day, don’t forget you were like them some time ago and to help them, you can share with them what you know or just simply redirect them to our Free Internet Tricks Library for all countries.

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We have discussed a lot of free internet tricks lately and we have covered many ways to get free internet legally and illegally at home. Illegally here doesn’t mean you will get to steal some kits from your ISP but it simply involves the use of VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector VPN, DroidVPN, and Your Freedom VPN, Psiphon Pro VPN. We got all these VPNs covered by step by step tutorial on each for the understanding of everyone. We have even made some country-based free internet tweaking and guides on some of the VPN apps.

Most of these apps use what we call free internet configs which are ready-made tweaking for the app by a developer. You just got to import the config into the app then click on the start button and you will get connected without setting up anything.

Most people are always curious about how these developers managed to get free internet config files for these countries up and running. They wonder how they made to set up everything to work just perfectly. The first thing that comes to their minds is to sniff the config files for their bug host and payload. So they look for ways to unlock the file be it ehi, hat, hc or anything else. There are several ways to unlock or sniff into working files for hosts and we have equally provided some detailed guide on that with 3 working methods to sniff config files.

We are going to lay ourselves on many of the legal ways to get free internet at home and also some little on how to get free internet illegally on android at home.

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So in today’s guide, I am going to show you how to get a free internet connection in the comfort of your home with the best free internet tricks for all countries. Stay tuned and follow me as I walk you through the guide.

What is Free Internet and How Does It Work?
If you read our frequent guides on the free internet, you will notice that we cover this topic in all of them. the reason we do this is for all the noobs to get what this really means.

Free internet is the art of navigating the internet freely, this is possible and aided by special apps called VPN that are known for hijacking or intercepting a connection from a host then tunneling it through its servers and wiring the client device with the secure connection. The server here determines your location and most often, you have the choice of the server.

These free internet VPN apps work with a set of protocols and tunneling methods (HTTP, SSL/TLS, Shadowsocks, V2Ray) that have something in common; they provide free internet.

A good understanding of these protocols can make you a real-time config developer. We have explained all of that in our guide on how to create HTTP injector config files for all countries.

All this is just part of how to get free internet illegally. However, to get free internet legally involves using authorized methods such as free internet for students that is being issued by the government.

Another way is by using the free internet bundles shared by your ISP when they happen to celebrate an event.

You can still get free internet legally by using free hotspots in your area. Very efficient and common way. However, we will cover all of that below.

How to Get Free Internet Connection At Home from Any Country
Now you can get free internet connection on your Android, iPhone, PC and even PlayStation 4, 5 console or even Xbox consoles. There are several ways. Below are the best ways to get free internet on your Android and iPhone some will involve the use of service and Wi-Fi meanwhile some will not and are considered as the best free internet tricks.

Finding Free Wireless Hotspot for Free Internet

There are many ways of finding free wireless hotspots in your area for free unlimited internet access. Below are the several ways of finding free wireless hotspots (Wi-Fi)in your area.

1. Visit a chain restaurant, retailer, or hotel that offers free Wi-Fi

This is one of the best ways to find free Wi-Fi for free internet access. We find out many hotels, restaurants and even retailers out there that have public wireless hotspots. Though some are completely free to the public, some will require you to buy an item from them.

If it is a restaurant, you will maybe have to buy a cup of coffee or tea from them and ask them the free wifi password to be able to fully enjoy their services.

However, the case here might be different for hotels. Some Wi-Fi from hotels are free and some are secured by a WPA2 password and the password can be shared only the members of the hotel. However, you can WPA2 unlocker software to hack the Wi-Fi password.

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Below are some free wireless hotspot areas within the US.

Coffee shops (Starbucks, Peet’s)

Airports (Nearly all airports in the United States and other countries offer free Wi-Fi, although some require payment)
Hotels (Hyatt, Best Western, Motel 6, Comfort Inn, Extended Stay America, Walt Disney Resorts)
Restaurants (Taco Bell, McDonalds, Dunkin, Einstein Bros, IHOP, Denny’s, Krispy Kreme, Panera, Arby’s, Wendy’s)
Retail Stores (Apple, Office Depot, Lowes, Ikea, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Whole Foods, Safeway)
Truck stops (Love’s, Flying J)
Malls (Typically there will be a free mall-wide Wi-Fi service, and some stores may offer their own)


2. Using WiFi Map to Find Free Hotspots

WiFi Map is one of the best apps to use to find free wifi around you. With its millions of users worldwide, the app is really efficient when it comes to finding free WiFi hotspots around you.

All you need to do is to download the premium version of the app from here and install it on your device then use it to find free wifi.

The app gives detailed information about the WiFi and suggest if it is good and safe to connect to it.

You can even use the app to get free internet Wi-Fi for your PlayStation 4/5 and even your Xbox consoles.

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3. Using the “Find Wi-Fi” in Facebook Mobile App

Facebook is a well known leading social media platform and is know as one of the oldest that has been out for many years now. You can connect with friends and families through Facebook from any part of the world.

Not only can you use Facebook to chat with friends, but you can also use it to find WiFi near you. This method is applicable for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Follow the steps below to know how you can use Facebook to find free Wi-Fi beside you:

Open you Facebook app
Click on the hamburger icon in the app to access the settings
Tap Settings & Privacy
Then select Privacy Shortcuts
Now select Manage your location settings
Now enable Find Wi-Fi
Give the app the necessary permission to run this feature well and then you will be shown all the available nearby Wi-Fi to which you can connect.

4. Asking your cable, DSL, or Satellite Provider if they Offer Free Hotspots

Many internet providers out there provide free wifi hotspots or even an unlimited package for access free internet. We find internet providers such as Xfinity that provide free internet for their frequent customers. You just need an email and password to get started.

You can use Comcast and Xfinity service to get free hotspot. Check this hotspot list to know the different hotspot they provide.

Most other internet providers that offer free hotspots have Wi-Fi locators on their websites

5 Visit a Library, Hospital, or College Campus for Free Hotspots

Though it is not a way of getting free hotspot at home, it is also a very good way of enjoying free wifi hotspots. You can check nearby libraries or hospitals in your country.

Since the Corona pandemic, we find many places where we can find free wifi especially in the covid 19 hospitals.

Other way is by visiting colleges or universities for free wifi. Most universities offer free wifi to their students and some offer to both the students and the general public. The free wifi are found in their libraries or even in open air. There was a time where I visited a college and suddenly, my phone blimbed and I discovered a free wifi. I said there is no harm in enjoying free Wi-Fi. So I sat down and enjoyed it though unfortunate for me, it was only for 2 hours daily, it also helped me to go to where I was heading to and I returned everyday for the free Wi-Fi.

6. Using Free Dialup Internet Service

There are many dailup internet services that offer free data to their consumers. We talk here of NetZero, FreedomPop etc. These two are really effective in their services of providing free data.

NetZero offers 10 hours of free data for up-to a month at no cost. However, you are to cancel the free trial before it ends and you get billed. You can as well get unlimited trial by opening several accounts and enjoying unlimited free data.

Read More on NetZeroFreedomPop is another services that offer free data to their users. However, they limit their services only to some countries.

How to Get Free Internet Using VPN on Android/iPhone/PC at Home

VPN apps remain the best ways to get free internet without paying a dime. Most make use of hosts (SNI) that we call zero-rated websites and some make use of payload with the use of HTTP Bug hosts. These are the best VPN to get unlimited free internet access in any country. We talk here of VPN such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom etc.
However, we also find some VPN such as Psiphon Pro that are known as to be the oldest VPN to have existed and you can get free internet with this VPN on Android and even on iPhone as they are cross-platform.

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Also, there is another category of VPN that require some tweaking and most importantly a premium account to work properly. We talk here of VPN such as Your Freedom VPN and DroidVPN.

All of this VPN apps give what we call free internet access on Android, iPhone and even PC at home illegally. But they aren’t illegally as we call them because VPN are legal in many ways if you intent to keep your identity online secure and private, then the use of a VPN is completely legal.

Let’s talk of all the concerned VPN for free internet in details.

1. Using HA Tunnel Plus VPN for Free Internet

HA Tunnel Plus is one of the leading free internet VPN these days. Developed by Art of Tunnel, this VPN is based and works with an exciting protocol, SSH 2.0 which secures the connection initiated by the client and to the server.

The VPN focuses on the SNI tunneling mode which means you will need an SNI bug host or hostname for your country to be able to use the app. Check the below guide on how to find working SNI bug host for free internet with HA Tunnel Plus.

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Ideally, If you find it difficult to get a working bug host by yourself, you can checkout our SNI host list for HA Tunnel Plus and get a working SNI bug host for your country.

When you got a working SNI bug host, you will need to create your a free internet hat file for your country. It can be quite confusing if you are still new to such stuffs. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Thanks to our guide on how to create hat files for free internet in any country, many people now know how to create free internet files for the app. Consider checking out our updated guide on that.

However, many people always want hot cake and want the plug directly. When I say hot cake here it simply means, the want the files directly without having to do any setup. If that is the case for you, we still got you covered as we have released free internet hat files for all countries that we update daily. We got all countries covered there and you should consider checking and downloading hat files for your country from there. You just need to import the files into the app and then click the START button. No additional setup from you is required.

Even iOS users (iPhone and iPad users) can enjoy free internet with this amazing VPN. Though the app doesn’t yet support the iOS platform, you can use this guide to enjoy ha tunnel plus free internet on iOS.

Want to also know how to sniff or unlock ha tunnel plus hat config files? The reasons for you wanting to do that are numerous but I get you just want to know the bug host used and then create your own hat file. Check out the guide on that below.

One thing most people don’t appreciate from the app is the connection time. You will need to renew your access to the app’s server in order to continue enjoying your free internet. We have taken that in control and provided many tricks to get unlimited connection time using ha tunnel plus. Those that want the ha tunnel plus mod apk will be served as we have also provided the app. And now, it is possible to renew the connection time in ha tunnel plus without watching video ads.

We have noticed that many people always experience and suffer from the connection failed issue in ha tunnel plus and the app keeps showing reconnecting in the log. Well, this is a common issue and we have released a guide on how to fix that issue in the ha tunnel plus app. Consider checking it out.

2. Using HTTP Injector VPN for Free Internet

HTTP Injector is one of the most used VPN apps out there and it’s known for its stability in connectivity. They are one of the top competitors of the HA Tunnel Plus app. They have millions of users all over the world.

One great thing with this app is it is known to have fewer bugs and ads than HA Tunnel Plus so people prefer the app over HA Tunnel Plus and their config file extension is in ehi.

The app works the same way as HA Tunnel Plus and they have some tunneling modes in common. However, HTTP Injector has many tools that its competitors do not have. They have a host checker tool that developers use to analyze bug hosts if they are eligible for free internet injection.

To get started with the app you need a working bug host for free internet. The bug host here can be an SNI bug host if you are using the SSL/TLS tunneling mode or an HTTP bug host if you are generating a Payload. Check out the below guide on how to find SNI/HTTP Bug host for free internet with HTTP injector app.

You probably know that getting the bug host is just a step. The major part is to create the free internet ehi config file for the HTTP injector. This app can be quite more difficult to set up than HA Tunnel Plus and you will need a detailed guide to fully understand the setup process of the app, and when and which tunneling mode should you use for a specific host. Hopefully, we have provided a full guide on how to set up an HTTP injector for free internet in any country explaining the different tunneling modes, and how and when to use them.

Ideally, If you find it difficult to get a working bug host by yourself, you can check out our SNI host list for HTTP Injector and get a working SNI bug host for your country.

When creating your free internet files, the choice of the server is one of the most important assets for a successful connection because it is the key to your fast and premium connection speed. That said, you need to know the best servers to use with HTTP Injector. We have also provided a guide on the best servers to use with HTTP Injector in order to get good and fast connection speeds with the app.

Of course, we also got all those that want the direct plug covered. We have released a section where you can download free internet ehi files for all countries. We have covered all the continents and their numerous countries. You can get and download the ehi config files for your country here or from the link below. After download, you just need to import the files and then click on the START button to get connected. Once connected, you can start enjoying your free internet files.

Now everybody can equally sniff or unlock HTTP injector ehi files without any issue. The main reason for doing this is to get the payload used for creating the file. We got you covered on that. Check out the below guide to know how to unlock HTTP injector files for bug host and payload.

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3. Using Your Freedom VPN for Free Internet

Your Freedom is equally one of the best free internet VPNs you can use to get free unlimited internet access in any country and any network.

They are known for their efficiency to bypass any restriction rules set by our ISP to give us free internet. The app is cross-platform and works on Android, iOS, and PC. Many did not know the app can work on iOS but this is how you can set up Your Freedom VPN for free internet on iPhone and iPad.

It is a German-based company and all you need to use this VPN for free internet access is good settings for the app and a premium account.

The app has a setup wizard that will determine which network you use and which connection method you can use for free internet access. However, the connection mode set by the wizard is known at times to be slow. So you need custom settings for a fast connection.

We have provided a complete guide on the best settings for Your Freedom VPN that will give you free internet access no matter the network or country.

We also have more free internet tricks for your freedom VPN that you can equally checkout.

4. Using DroidVPN for Free Internet

DroidVPN is an amazing free internet VPN that offers many connection protocols of which UDP and TCP are the most used protocols.

Many rests and experiments from us have proven which of these two connection methods is best and you can check the benefits and downside of each from here. From that point, you can know which method will be good for you to use.

This VPN has some similarities to Your Freedom VPN in that:

Both need a good setting for a fast internet connection.
Both require a premium account to access their premium access.
However, for good and fast connection speeds, you are required to use a premium account.

For the convenience of everyone, we have provided the best settings for droid VPN that you can use to get free internet access no matter your country.

Once you set up the app with a good setting and a premium account, then you are eligible for a great bandwidth of free internet.

5. Using Psiphon Pro VPN for Free Internet

Psiphon Pro VPN is another amazing VPN with the same role as others – to provide free internet.

Psiphon Pro gives you unprecedented access to your favorite news broadcast or social media platforms. By its nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you when accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet.

Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool for accessing everything on the Internet.

Features of Psiphon Pro VPN that make it unique from most other VPN apps:

Global network featuring thousands of servers and diverse entry points, keeping you connected at all times
No registration is required, just download and connect for free
A wider selection of protocols than a VPN, offering unparalleled access to everything on the Internet through our global Psiphon server network
In-app usage stats
Configuration options – make Psiphon your own VPN with customized proxy settings
Choose which apps to exclude from the VPN tunnel
Some time ago, Psiphon Pro introduced Psicash as a currency within the app. Users need to purchase Psicash for faster connection on Psiphon Pro.

Not everyone has the means to keep on buying Psicash in order to browse freely then it will not make the internet free as we hear it but paid since you need to purchase psicash.

We have developed some tweaks you can use to get unlimited psicash for free internet in Psiphon Pro VPN. Many people also opt to use the Mod version of Psiphon Pro for unlimited connection speed. All the ways still work so consider checking them out.
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Conclusion on How to Get Unlimited Free Internet at Home from Any Country
We have provided many ways in this guide that you can use to get free internet at home legally and even illegally. Free internet legally simply involves the use of free data offered by your government or ISP usually to students for their studies and also you can get free internet from your ISP when they are celebrating an event.

Free internet illegally on Android, iPhone and PC at home simply involves the use of VPN apps that are known to tunnel free internet from a host or just simply tunneling your device without bug host. Most of the tricks above will work for all platforms

Tryout all the the 11 free internet tricks shown above to get free unlimited internet access at home without paying anything and you will get a lot of them working for you.