How to reset a Nokia X20 Blue pattern & frp bypass hard reset TA-1341, TA-1344 factory reset

Reset phone for the Nokia X20 Blue

If you want to quickly erase all data on your phone, you can reset the device by returning it to the factory settings. This often solves small problems as well. Remember to make a backup beforehand to make sure the information is not lost! Below we explain step by step how to reset your Nokia phone.
Please note: This will delete everything on your device, including photos, apps, data and settings.

Step by step explanation:

  1. Tap the app drawer at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Scroll down and tap ‘System’.
  4. Tap ‘Advanced’.
  5. Tap ‘Reset options’ and then ‘Reset phone’.
  6. Tap ‘Delete all’, your phone will be reset and ready to use again within minutes!

You must bear in mind that a reset or return to the factory state in a mobile/cell phone deletes all its content, so you must make a backup of your data before doing it if you do not want to lose everything.

In case you do not want to erase the data from the device, you can try to restart the Nokia C20.

There are two ways to do a reset on a Nokia C20 one through the mobile options and another more complete from the recovery mode.

Restore from the options of the Nokia X20

If you want to make a reset using the device options to return to the factory state of a Nokia C20 you have to follow these simple steps:

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

1- First step:

Access the settings menu of your device Nokia X20, this is the cogwheel icon.

2- Second step:

Scroll down the Nokia X20 settings to the bottom where you will see the section called “System”, click to continue.

3- Third step:

If you see a section called “Advanced” click to display the advanced options of the Nokia C20.

4- Fourth step:

Click on “Reset options” from this section it will allow us to restore network options, applications or reset the Nokia C20 completely.

5- Fifth step:

Click on the last option called “Erase all data (factory reset)” or simply “Factory data reset”.

6- Sixth step:

A first confirmation message will appear reminding you that all your data will be deleted from this device, the data you have uploaded to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or backup copies that you have in the cloud, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive, will not be deleted. Press “Reset phone”.

7- Seventh step:

A second confirmation message will appear indicating that all information stored on the Nokia X20 and all downloaded applications will be erased and reminding that this action cannot be undone. If you agree, click on “Erase Everything”.

8- Eighth step:

If necessary, draw the screen unlock pattern or enter the screen unlock password or PIN to continue.

9- Ninth step:

Your device Nokia X20 from Nokia it will restart and take several minutes to start while restoring the device to its factory state and optimizing the applications pre-installed in the operative system Android 11 (Go edition).

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Option 3 hmd via Fastboot METHOD

HMD deviceKit to use with NOKIA Flash Tool, FRP and Factory Reset With one click

HMD DeviceKit tool

3. Third method

You can use developed applications such as nckbox, infinity cm2sp2.



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