How to unlock/remove Samsung MDM KG knox fix no download no recovery

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Advance Mobile Technicians Only
For exynos UFS meomry
This  final solution works  without changing Cyrillic or anything else. Of course, all the methods in the arena need to change the Cyrillic file

1- connect the memory isp
2- We withdraw and make a backup copy of the entire luns if there is a problem from whom to return a copy
3- Make a backup copy of the original Efs file for the device
4- Erase all luns
5 – Go to the easy jtag 2 plus interface and just flash bl+pit to the memory
6- Flash any existing efs file withdrawn from any backup so that there is no problem with efs
7- We enter the device into Download mode directly without turning it on. A full software flash for the device will open
8- The secret with this step is to connect the device to wifi and open the bootloader and then
9- We connect the isp device and write back to the device the original Cyrillic file efs
10 – Enter the device to download directly and make a full software for the device
  Congratulations, you have to bypass mdm protection for any ufs device without switching cyrillic

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