Huawei Unlock Code V4 and V5 Calculator by Imei offline

Huawei v4 and v5 unlock code calculator by IMEI, We can now supply any level/version of IMEI Huawei unlock code. Unlocking your HUAWEI Modem, Mifi, Router, Phone, or another device by code is the simplest and quickest way to make your device network-free. It does not interact with your system or change it in any way, so you will not lose your warranty if you use our code. You must submit your IMEI number in order to acquire a network unlock code for your HUAWEI Modem, Mifi, Router, Phone, or other devices (15 digits unique number). It can be found by dialing *#06# like a phone number, as well as checking in the settings of your device or looking beneath the battery of a modem, mifi, or router.

SUPPORTED MODELS LIST Huawei Unlock Code V4 and V5

E3372h-210, E3372h-607, E5577s-603, E3372h, E5787Ph-67a, E5573Bs, E5885, E8372h-153, E5783h-92a, E8372h-608, E3372h-153, E8372h, E5788u, E5783h, E8372h-609, E5783, E8377, E5885Ls-93a, E5573s-606, E5787Ph-92a, E5573s, E5788u-96a, MTS 827F, E8372h-510, E5573, E8372h-155, MTS 829F, E5573s-156, B310s-925, E5885Ls, E5788, E8372h-511, E5573s-320, E5573Cs-509, E5573s-606, E8372h-607, E5573Cs-933, E8372h-927, МТС 8211F, E3372h-603, E5771s, E5771, E5573s-508, E5573s-607, E5577, E5771h-937, МТС 827F, E5573s-852, MTS 8211F, E5573s-853, МТС 8210F, R216, E5573Cs-609, E5787Ph-67a, E5577Ds-156, E5573Cs-323, E5573s-806, E5573Cs-931, E8377s-153, E5575s-210, E5573s-609, E5575S-302, MTS 8210FT, E5575S-320, E5577Bs, MTS 829F, E5578s-932, E5577Bs-937, E3372h, E5577Bs-932, E5770s-923, МТС 8210FT, E5770s-320, E5578s, E5573Cs-322, E5577Cs-603, E5573s-856, E5787s-33a, B315s-936, E5578, E5573Cs, E5330Cs-82, E3370h, E8378Ws–210, E5577s-932, E5771s-852, E5575, E3372h-510, E5785, E5785Lh, E5785Lh-23c, E5577s, E5785Lh-67a, E8378, E5787Ph-92a, E5785Lh-22c, E5787, E5575s, E5771, E5573Bs-320, E5787Ph, B315s-608, B315s, B315s-607, B310s, B310As-852, E8378Ws,

B310s-518, E5770s, E5770, E5785Lh-92a, B310, E8378Ws-210, B520S-93A, B520S-93A, B525s-23a, E3370, B715S-23C, B715S-23, B715S, B525s-65a, B525s-95a, E5577s-321, B528s-23a, B315, B310s-927, B529s-23a, E5573Cs, B610s-76a, B610s-77a, B612s-25d, B310s-925, B612s-51d, B310s-22, B618s-22, HWD37, HWD36, E5577Fs-932, E5577Cs-321, B618s-22d, B525S-23A, B315, E5573, E5577, E3372, E5770, E5785, E5885, E8372, 501HW, 603HW, E5787, B520, E5578, E5786s-32a, E5786s-62a, E5786s-63a, B715, E5771, B612, B610, B882, B528, B529, E5783, E8378, E8231, B593, 601HW, E5573Bs-322, B315s-938, E5383s-327, 604HW, E8231s-2, EG860, eA660, B222s, B2368-66, B2368-22, B2368, B311s-220, B311Bh-37, B311As-853, B311Ah-35, B818, Vodafone B3500, Vodafone B4000, E5878, Vodafone B3000, Vodafone B1000, Huawei B5328-58, Huawei B5328-155, Huawei B5318-42, GL06P, GL10P, R219h, GL01P, 102HW, eA380, B5338, eA280, eA360, EMobile GL04P, E5885Ls, B618s-66d, E5783B-230, E5786S, E5771h,E5788, E5575, R218H, E5787, R227h, 401HW, B818-260, B900, B900-230, 502HW, 504HW, 506HW, 603HW, E5575, E8377, R226, R216, B310S-927-A, R215, R210, E8377, B716-263, E5788, EC5377, B618s-65d, H112-370, H112-371, H112-372, H112-373, H112-380, B612S-52D, 801HW, B612s-233, MANY MORE SUPPORTED.

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Smartphone instruction

1. Power up the HUAWEI phone with an unaccepted SIM card (unaccepted means from a different network than the one working in your phone)
2. A message requesting an unlock code should display.
3. Enter the “ANONYSHU-UNLOCKING GROUP” unlock code.
Your HUAWEI device has now been unlocked.

Modem, Mifi or Router instruction

1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card into your HUAWEI modem, router, or Mifi (unaccepted means from a different network than the original one)
2. Connect the Modem, Mifi, or Router via USB to the PC.

3. Install all new device drivers (please skip this step if the drivers are already installed)
4. A message requesting a network unlock code should appear. * If the unlock message does not appear, enter the following sequence in your web browser: or – for login and password, enter “admin” – verify which option displays a request for a network code.
5. Enter the “ANONYSHU-UNLOCKING GROUP” network unlock code.
6. If necessary, create a new profile for the installed SIM card.
The device may now work in any network and in any nation.


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