in 2022 – Biblical names for businesses [List of ideas]

Biblical names for businesses [List of ideas]

If you have decided to undertake a new project, the bible can be an excellent source of inspiration to help you decide what name to give this project, something that on the other hand is fundamental in communication with the client and can say much more than what we initially come to imagine.

Giving your business a biblical name does not have to be linked to your religious beliefs, and at this point we can remember that the names given in the bible come from different languages, and some of them, like Hebrew, sound very exotic, for Therefore, they can be very useful also to attract a large number of customers.

Obviously, if you are a believer, choosing a biblical name for your business will have an even deeper meaning and will surely help you to undertake your project with great enthusiasm, hope and, obviously, faith.


Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, another aspect that you will like to take into account will be the meaning of the name , we have prepared a wide selection for you, inspired by the places mentioned in the Bible, below you will be able to observe the origin of some of these names we have prepared for you:

  • Zora¬†: Place located in the northern part of the Sorek valley and approximately 21 kilometers from Jerusalem.¬†In this location we can find numerous ruins of ancient tombs, although it is characterized as the birthplace of Samson, according to the Bible an Israelite judge, who was buried in this same place.
  • El Shaddai¬†: The meaning of this name can be translated as “God Almighty”, referring to the fact that the source of his power is inexhaustible and there is no adversary that can destroy him, which is why those believers recommend this name for those businesses. who are just beginning their professional career.
  • Shalom¬†: It is one of the most beautiful names that can be given to a business because it means “Peace” or “Lord Peace”.¬†Precisely because of this meaning, it is very suitable for certain businesses such as natural therapy centers, herbal and incense product stores, yoga centers, etc.¬†Furthermore, this word is widely known and is usually always properly associated with its meaning.
  • Tyre¬†: It was the most important city of Phoenicia, it is recognized for being the place where the temple was built in honor of Hercules.¬†If you like this name for your business, you may also be interested in knowing that this city was characterized by extensive trade and great wealth.¬†Although this was the meaning given to it in the Bible, the truth is that Tire is currently inhabited by only 9,500 people and it is a very poor geographical area.
  • Jah¬†: According to Christianity this name means “I am” and expresses that the divinity is constant and never fails in its promises, in business it is considered that this name provides protection and prosperity.¬†However, it is also interesting to mention that “Jah” is the name by which Rastafarians refer to their God.¬†Therefore, this is an ideal name for any business that has to do with this culture.
  • Nazareth¬†: It is a town in Galilee located north of Jerusalem and according to the Bible it was here where Jesus and Mary lived, hence despite being born in Bethlehem, this important historical figure is known as Jesus of Nazareth.¬†At present, this territory enjoys very good drinking water, as well as great agricultural and livestock activity.
  • Abihail¬†: This is a name of precious sonority and means “father of strength”, therefore according to believers it is an ideal name to provide strength to a business that is embarking on its path, so that in this way the project can be sustained. over time and also enjoy a very fruitful path.
  • Pergamon¬†: It was a city of Mysia initially built on a hill and although its inhabitants descended from the Greeks there was an important and constructive reception of Jewish people.¬†In this place there was a library of 200,000 volumes and both art and literature were stimulated.¬†It is an ideal name for businesses that have to do with art, but also for pharmacies, parapharmacies or herbal shops, since Galen of Pergamon is considered the father of the pharmacy.

Do you want to know more biblical names for businesses? Below we will show you the wide selection that we have prepared for you, we hope that in it you can find names to your liking and hopefully among them you will find the perfect name for your professional project.

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 Abihail  aco  Acre
 ada  adonai  Bethel
 the olam  The Shaddai  the jireh
 Emanuel  Gomorrah  Haran
 hah  Nain  Nazareth
 Neapolis  Nineveh  nob
 ofrah  Padan-Aram  Paphos
 Palestine  Patmos  Peniel
 Pergamon  Perge  Puteoli
 Cherith  Branch  Ramoth Gilead
 Royal  kidney  Rome
 salamis  Salim  Samaria
 Sardinia  Zarephath  Shalom
 Sychar  Sicily  sidon
 Silo  shechem  Syracuse
 Syria  Sodom  Sukkot
 Shunem  Tarsus  Thebes
 Tekoa  Tel abib  Thessaloniki
 Thyatira  Tiberias  Timnath
 Timnath-Sera  Threw  thyrsa
 Ptolemaid  Three Taverns  Troas
 Ur  Baca Valley  zip
 Zoar  Zora