In 2022 Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks

I won’t say that it’s too often, but with us, women, this happens. Spinning in the whirlwind of earthly problems and worries, we suddenly remember that some important event is approaching and there is nothing left before it – 2 weeks. Then feverishly sorting through the wardrobe in our minds, we find out that there is nothing to wear, all decent outfits have long been walked by us. What to do? There is a dress in mind, but with the current dimensions, there is no way to fit into it. Well, you need a diet. Losing 12 kg in 2 weeks is not an easy task, but if necessary, we women can do anything. And they did not take such peaks!

Let me tell you that the one who decided to lose weight for himself in the way of “Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks”, without a doubt, a brave, courageous and admirable person. In addition, for sure, he has excellent health, otherwise it’s not worth taking on this business, because the loss of such a considerable number of kilograms in just two weeks is stress for the body. Therefore, starting to look for an acceptable option for yourself from the many existing diets, the first thing to do is to visit a doctor and consult.


In magazines and the Internet offers and advice on the topic “Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks” is not so much. So, for example, the “Lazy Diet”, which is guaranteed to promise to destroy these hated extra pounds in a record period, is gaining great popularity, if there are no contraindications for that. Note! It is not recommended to use the diet for people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and those with problems with the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems.If everything is in order with you, then, as they say, you have the cards in hand. Only now the name for the diet is clearly chosen wrong. Who can call a lazy person who decides to venture into such an extreme? After all, there is a lot of work ahead on yourself, on your addictions and desires, all sorts of hardships and, perhaps, even disappointments … But when a wonderful dress looms on the horizon, in which you will look stunning, thoughts about the upcoming difficulties fade into the background.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the diet itself, its features and requirements. Based on Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks ”or Diet for the lazy at the intake of clean water. Before each meal, you need to drink 2 glasses of water, but not in one gulp, but in small sips, and start eating only after 20 minutes. Thus, you will need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. After each meal – no liquid for 2 hours. Those who have tried this diet on themselves say that this is the most difficult. Holding back and not drinking at least a sip of juice or tea is a real test of willpower. If your desire to lose weight is stronger than your thirst, you can do it.


Drinking pure water will benefit your body. According to nutritionists, clean water removes toxins from the colon, thereby helping to cleanse the entire body, stimulates metabolism and improves the digestive process and general condition of the body. Another condition: the water should not be ice cold. Room temperature, lukewarm or pleasantly hot (not scalding!).

Prohibited products should be discussed separately. As they sometimes write in diets, “you can eat everything except …” And there are so many “except” that you understand that, in general, everything is impossible. In our case, goodies-sweets, pastries, salt, canned food, your favorite mayonnaise, store-bought soda and juice, fatty and spicy foods, fried foods, butter, alcohol should be excluded from the diet, and you should forget about snacks on the run and gatherings for coffee with sweets . If it’s completely dashing without sweets, you can treat yourself three times in two weeks with a handful of dried apricots, prunes, raisins or 1 tablespoon of honey.


What then is, you ask, if everything loved and desired is included in the list of prohibited foods? Here are some examples. As a breakfast: fat-free cottage cheese, yogurt or cheese, and you can eat them as much as you like. No more than three times a week, you can afford 150 g of cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat or rice.
For lunch: any fresh vegetables, boiled lean meat (chicken, duck or rabbit) or a piece of boiled lean fish, a slice of whole grain bread. For dinner – solid vitamins: vegetable and fruit dishes. Do not chase foreign bananas, eat our apples, they will bring more benefits.


Based on the foregoing, you yourself will be able to draw up a menu for yourself for 2 weeks. You definitely won’t go hungry. But a long-term absence of fats and salt in the diet can lead to disruption of the whole organism as a whole, so it is strictly forbidden to sit on such a diet for more than two weeks! You can return to it only after a year. The pure water that you will drink during the diet fills the stomach and dulls the feeling of hunger, but does not drown it out completely. The body requires food and you should not completely refuse it (this is for those who suddenly decide to completely refuse food and drink only water in order to achieve the fastest result). Water improves metabolic processes, the stomach begins to produce gastric juice and, lacking the ability to digest something, simply begins to “eat itself”. Do not test yourself for strength, you can easily lose health,

Of course, most of us know what makes us fat, but the desire to give ourselves, our beloved, pleasure overrides everything, until one day there comes a moment when losing weight becomes vital. There comes the very moment when it is required – Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks is, of course, extreme measures. Strictly speaking, this is not a diet at all, it is an attempt to turn sharply towards the right lifestyle. But it is still desirable to do it not so extreme, but much more slowly, accustoming your body to live and eat properly.


Do not despair if, instead of the planned 12 kilograms, you lose a little less. These are the features of your body, which does not want to give away what it has accumulated over the years and carefully put aside in reserve. You may need not 14, but 20 or more days to achieve a result. The process has already been launched and, willy-nilly, the body will have to part with extra pounds. You need to get out of the diet gradually. Remember, we do everything slowly – we drink clean water, eat healthy foods and slowly leave the diet. The list of prohibited products will remain the same. But at the exit from the diet, vegetable and animal fats must be added to the list of allowed foods in the quantities that your body needs. On our site there are many topics and articles about diets , healthy eating .e and vitamins . Take a look, read!

Although it is possible that many, having felt lightness in the body, will become more prudent about what they eat and how, reconsider their life priorities and develop new rules for themselves. And one more thing: do not worry during the diet, thinking only about the end result and perceiving weight loss as a difficult test. Live fully, communicate with friends, pay attention to loved ones, walk more often, start every day with a smile – this is important! Try exercising in the morning. A few simple exercises are enough to feel how your body awakens to life. In a word, slim right, slim with pleasure!