in 2022 Ha Tunnel Plus Telkom & MTN Free Internet Trick

When internet access is available in your country, free internet is great news. Since the last years, free internet has gained popularity through internet searches. People continue to search for HTTP Injector Free Internet ehi Files, http injector-free internet configs and AnonyTun internet for any country.

It’s important to remember that getting free internet can be difficult. As we mentioned in our previous internet tricks: Due to restrictions on countries and availability of exploitable hosts, it’s not easy to obtain free internet for all.¬†Check out our tutorials about free internet:

Since the beginning, we have published free internet configs and tricks on this blog. We are especially proud to offer them Cameroon. However, we have received many complaints from our readers asking for internet access for their countries. So we created an exclusive solution. We will give all our readers in all countries the free internet tricks they request.

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What is HA Tunnel Plus? How does it work?

Art Of Tunnel developed HA Tunnel Plus, which is a pre-existing application for tunnel applications ( AnonyTun). The VPN tunnel works in the same manner as AnonyTun but has a slight variation. HA Tunnel Plus makes use of existing connection protocols like SSH2.0. SSH2.0 protects all traffic between client and server.

Benefits of using HA Tunnel Plus

You will enjoy many benefits when you use HA Tunnel Plus such as:

  • All restricted websites can be unblocked
  • Online privacy is protected
  • All trackers from your IP should be removed
  • Enjoy Unlimited Internet Access
  • Unlimited file downloads without data plan or charges

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Scroll below to download the Ha Tunnel Plus MTN and Telkom files Visit for more free net tricks.

Configuration 2 download. Expires 15 May 2022

Configuration 3 download. Expires 15 May 2022

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. anonyshu only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

mtn free internet trick Settings 3

  • First, download¬†Tunnel Plus VPN. Then, install
  • Download your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN MTN¬†configuration file
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • First, click on ” Export/Export“, then ”¬†import Config“.
  • Locate the configurations that you have downloaded previously and click to import.
  • Click on Start, then wait for the connection.¬†Once it goes through, you will be able to access the internet.¬†Reduce the amount of data you need and get free internet access.

Conclusion: HA Tunnel Plus Unlimited Internet HAT Configur Files for All Countries

We’ve seen what HA Tunnel Plus is and how to get free internet using it.¬†Although we didn’t cover all countries, we did include many.¬†Please be patient if your country is not listed. Subscribe to this blog to receive updates on the upcoming free internet configurations.

If you have any issues, please disconnect and reconnect or upload a new file.

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