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In 2022 How to get HA tunnel plus unlimited connection time in HA Tunnel Plus without Ads [Updated]

How to get unlimited connection time in HA Tunnel Plus [Updated]

HA Tunnel Plus is one of the most popular VPN tunneling apps in the world and has seen a significant increase in its use. Many countries have access to HA Tunnel Plus because of The Free Internet Hat Files for All Countries.

You can still get free internet through HA Tunnel Plus if you don’t have a subscription. We offer free internet hat files to all countries.

Many of our readers have been shown how to set up an HA Tunnel Plus configuration by us. It is available for you to see below.

Before you create HA Tunnel Plus configs you’ll need to locate a bug host, probably SNI bug hosts that you can use for free internet injection. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make HA Tunnel Plus internet hat files for free. Check out the tutorial.

HA Tunnel Plus can sometimes cause us to experience boring ads. We don’t always get the best internet, but we do enjoy . For all sessions, we are assigned a connection time of approximately 5 hours. If we want to renew our access to the servers, HA Tunnel Plus will give us a time frame to connect to its server. Once this time has passed, we’ll need to see another ad to continue the cycle.

These ads are not for everyone. I’m sorry to say that they don’t appeal to everyone. This article will show you how to get unlimited HA Tunnel Plus connection without having to watch ads. Today’s article will demonstrate how to get unlimited connection speed with HA Tunnel Plus, without having to watch any video ads.

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Description of HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet VPN

HA Tunnel Plus utilizes existing connections protocols like SSH2.0.


SSH2.0 protects all traffic between client and server.

The application allows you to modify the start of the connection (we refer to it as injection), and to set an SNI (to perform handshaking with your server).

This can be very helpful for getting around restrictions imposed on internet providers and networks that you use during your connection.

What is HA Tunnel Plus? How does it work?

HA Tunnel Plus is a VPN that precedes the well-known VPN. It has more features than AnonyTun, and offers more secure ways to connect to the internet. It offers faster and more advanced servers than other applications.

HA Tunnel Plus utilizes existing connections protocols like SSH2.0. SSH2.0 protects all traffic between client and server.

How to get free internet with HA Tunnel Plus

Search engines rank free internet as one of the most searched queries every day. Many internet tricks have been provided for free in all countries. We also offer HA Tunnel Plus free internet tricks. Check out the list of free internet tricks with HA Tunnel Plus.

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We also offer free internet tricks with HTTP Injector and Your Freedom VPN. These links will also provide you with access to them.

How to get unlimited connection time in HA Tunnel Plus

Although it may sound impossible to get unlimited internet connection with ha tunnel plus, we have some tricks that can help.

Two tips or methods will be provided to allow unlimited connection time with HA Tunnel Plus.

This method can only be used with a specific version of HA Tunnel Plus before you start. This app version can be downloaded from the link below.

The developer can keep HA Tunnel Plus alive by showing video ads. We won’t give you hacking methods, but we will show you how to get around these ads.

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1. Exit the App

This is the best way to escape from these ads. You should immediately close the app after your connection time has expired. Follow these steps to do this correctly.

  • The three dots icon is located in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Choose the Exit option.
  • Now you can close the app.

The next time you will open the app, you will be attributed a new time frame. This works just on some devices but not for all.

This may not work on your device.

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2. Clearing App Cache

The cache is the data that’s saved for each session within an app. This cache can be reset to make the app restart from scratch. All virtual data for previous sessions will be deleted. These steps will help you clear the HA Tunnel Plus app cache.

  • Open your System Settings.
  • Navigate to App Administration and locate HA tunnel Plus.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Click on Clear cache.

This will not clear your imported hat file but will rather clear the third party data within the App (Ads) resetting it to default and you will be attributed free connection time. Repeat this whenever your connection time is over.

This method works on all devices.

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This video tutorial can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

This video tutorial will help you to understand the basics.

If you are looking for something like HA Tunnel Plus Mod APK, you will not have good results especially in speed of the servers. However, you can download the mod version of the app from here .

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Conclusion and Last Thoughts: How to get unlimited connection time in HA Tunnel Plus

These are the best methods to escape ads within HA Tunnel Plus. The second method is a better option if the first one doesn’t work for you.

This app was developed by a team that has put in a lot of effort. It is not a smart idea to steal their hard work. We are not trying to give you permanent solutions to your ads. They help keep the server running.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Below are some examples of what people look for.

HA Tunnel Plus Settings

We recently shared the steps required to set up HA Tunnel Plus. These steps will help you create your own HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet config files. You can then browse freely. You can click here to learn how to set up ha tunnel plus, or you can check the link below.

HA Tunnel Plus Config File download

We share HA Tunnel Plus files that are free to all countries. Below is the working file.

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