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Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure How To Get Free internet in Tanzania [Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure]

How To Get Free internet in Tanzania [Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure];-the internet is becoming more and more popular as the days go by and the speed of usage increases so the internet is becoming slower

The Internet has become more and more used as the days go by and the speed of use is increasing, the internet is becoming slower.

due to the problem being big, you can find an internet solution and have free unlimited internet.
to get free internet you must have a PD proxy this is freeware software that solves the internet problem if you follow the instructions on how to use it carefully.
Let’s start by knowing what these PROXY are.

Namna Ya Kupata Internet Bure

In a simple sense, PROXY is a software that acts as an intermediate HUB whose job is to PROCESS information that comes from the server, this can be FILE, or WEB info….for those who have used FILEZILLA, they understand what I’m saying here.

For a person who uses PD-PROXY or PROXY, it is easy to hide his IDENTITY because he uses server information details, so the user is given PROXIES internet protocals. used by HACKERS who like to invade networks and take various data.

And also the Proxy makes it possible to use the Internet Free because the Server is the one that acts as a NODE by giving a response to the requests that are being sent from the computer, that’s why we say free internet… here we use these access providers to connect and the server itself continues to make the connection directly of the server

You should have a software called PD-PROXY (it’s at the end of these instructions) once you have this software, what you need to do is EXTRACT directly and put it in a part of your computer (drive D or E or F as you see…And make sure you put the part that you will not MOVE the folder.

Go to REGISTER on the PD-PROXY network, you will get a Username and Password, and once you get them, you use it to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD section in the PD-PROXY software.


You enter your Username and Password and after that you select “DEMO SERVER” and this gives you free 100mb and after that we enter the connections side

HOW TO MAKE CONNECTIONS – Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure

When you want to make connections, make sure you connect your modem with the WORKING LINE IS FOR YOU and after that CONNECT…. once it is connected, you are now CONNECT with the PD-PROXY software and now you will wait until it is connected to itself and after connecting you can use you will get your free 100 mb every day while you are doing that

also if you want unlimited free internet for a month you join for 12000 tsh you will get a premium account which will be free download and browsing for this month for any internet you use.
download pd proxy here

How To Get Free internet with Nic VPN beta 6.0 apk in Tanzania [Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure Tanzania]

  • There should be an active data plan on your phone with an n0 balance. This is because if you have any data balance, then it will be consumed when you connect to the internet.
  • The methods explained below works for all android versions, but it’s better to have at least android version 4 or higher installed on your phone.

Jinsi ya Kutumia Laini Ya Airtel, Vodacom, Zantel,TTCl, Tigo na Halotel Bila Bando; 

  • Download the app from the Google play store and then install it
  • Register in the app with your email address, username, and password.
  • From the ‘connection setting,’ go to the ‘connection protocol’ and then select the ‘TCP connection’ from there.
  • Next, enable the HTTP header by clicking the ‘HTTP header’ and then tap the checkbox.
  • In the custom HTTP headers type “”
  • Then press OK
  • After that, open the Droid VPN app.
  • Select the available connection from there.
  • Tap on the connect button
  • Now be happy as you are connected to this VPN, and you can enjoy surfing online
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How To Get Free internet in Tanzania [Jinsi Ya Kupata Internet Bure]
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  • Jinsi ya kupata gb za bure Tigo
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  • Jinsi ya kupata gb za bure TTCL
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