Latest Jailbreaking iOS 15.7 Using Altstore, Unc0ver, zoen, iBundles, Hexxa plus, and Zylon Jailbreaking

On this article, we’ve ranked every iOS 15.7 jailbreak method by level of popularity. You can pick the most suitable and practical option from among them.

Apple recently made iOS 15.7 beta 4 available to developers. Install iOS 16.1 beta 4 first before selecting one of the aforementioned jailbreak options.

The jailbreak solutions for iOS 15.7 that passed the jailbreak app installation test are listed below.

Top 01:  Sileem Repo Extractor

The latest jailbreak tool for iOS 16 and later is called Sileem. For the first time, Sileem, a jailbreak tool for iOS 16, was made available. The iOS 16 version of Sileem was operating flawlessly when installing jailbroken apps. Therefore, we tested it on iOS 16.1 betas 1, 2, 3, and 4. performed flawlessly with iOS 16.1 on the aforementioned devices.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Sileem iOS 16.1 jailbreak repo extractor – installed the lightweight versions of Sileo and Cydia from the Sileem Jailbreak app management repository. Without any issues, it was able to extract the repository.

Tired of adding widgets to my iPhone 12 Mini. Installed the Desire Widget bundle without issue. Dot Matrix Clock, Helio, Mini Widgets Dashboard, and Minimal Widgets were then installed without any issues.

iPhone 11 Pro – The Sileem app has a list of numerous well-known game repos. For gaming enthusiasts, we have extracted some game repos. It was simple to install and play Football Tricks, Basketball Master, Ludo, and Gun Club Shooter.

For users of iOS 16 and higher versions, Sileem has given his top picks on themes for the iPad Pro. So we used the iPad Pro to test a couple themes. The appealing themes Lotus revised, Gold V2, Darker Black, and Skeuo were installed without any problems.

The Sileem repo extractor, however, cannot be downloaded directly. The following button will allow you to install Sileem from the zJailbreak App Store.

Step-by-Step Sileem Download Instructions

If your device isn’t running iOS 16 or iOS 16.1 beta, you can find jailbreak options for iOS 15 and higher versions by visiting the pages listed below.

  • Jailbreaking iOS 15.7
  • Jailbreak for iOS 15.6 and iOS 15.6.1
  • Jailbreaking iOS 15.5
  • Jailbreak for iOS 15.4 and iOS 15.4.1
  • Jailbreak for iOS 15.3 and iOS 15.3.1
  • Jailbreak for iOS 15.2 and iOS 15.2.1
  • Jailbreaking iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.1.1
  • iOS 15 – Jailbreak for iOS 15.0.2

top 02: Zeon Repo extractor,

Up until iOS 15.7 releases, Zeon was the best jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and higher. Since it worked well on iOS 16 as well, we tried it on iOS 16.1 beta-enabled devices. The following are the four different iOS 16.1 beta-running devices we used.

Zeon iOS 16.1 Jailbreak repo extractor iPhone 13 Mini – Sick of extracting Zeon top adjust battery performance-related shortcuts to extend battery life. Extracted were Ultimate Power Mode, Fast Charging (Dutch), and Battery Manager modification. Without any problems, all of the shortcuts were correctly installed.

iPhone 11 – No issues installing a couple iNifty Themes. The iNifty Metro Silver, Dreams, Oyster, and Shiny Pink themes were set up.

The most well-liked entertainment changes for the iPhone XS could be installed. The changes for Advent Calendar, Lumos, Nox, and Soundtrack Entertainment were installed at random. These adjustments worked without any issues.

For users of the newest versions of iOS, Zeon’s iPad 8 game catalog is extensive. On an iPad 8 running iPadOS 16.1, we tested a number of well-known apps, including Match, Bubbles, Racing, and Puzzle. Our efforts were fruitful. Each game ran without any issues.

Save the Zeon Step Guide.

Top 03: Unc0ver Virtual jailbreak

A widely used semi-untethered jailbreak tool is Unc0ver. However, the majority of the most recent iOS versions, starting with iOS 14.8.1, are incompatible with the Unc0ver tool. Therefore, iOS 15 and higher users must find a different Unc0ver way to install jailbreak software, as must iOS 16 and higher users.

We discovered an Unc0ver virtual jailbreak while looking for such an Unc0ver substitute. The Unc0ver tool is not the same as the Unc0ver virtual jailbreak. On iOS 16.1 devices, however, we may use the Unc0ver virtual jailbreak to access virtual Cydia.

iOS 16.1 virtual jailbreak using Unc0ver


Using the Un0ver virtual jailbreak, Virtual Cydia was readily installed on the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone XS Max devices. None of these gadgets displayed any errors. Virtual Cydia was installed successfully.

step-by-step tutorial for Unc0ver Virtual Jailbreak

04. Top Checkra1n simulated jailbreak


iRemovalRa1n windows tool Checkra1n for Windows OS
iRemovalRa1n windows tool Checkra1n for Windows OS

The only semi-tethered jailbreak is Checkra1n. However, Checkra1n is incompatible with every iDevice and every version of iOS. With some restrictions, the Checkra1n jailbreak is usable. We must find another solution because Checkra1n is incompatible with the most recent models of iPhones and iPads. We discovered a way to install virtual Cydia during that period. The unc0ver jailbreak tool is not the same as this option, though.

iOS 16.1 simulated jailbreak using Checkra1n
On the iPad Pro 5th Generation, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, we successfully installed virtual Checkra1n Cydia.

Step-by-step instructions for Checkra1n virtual jailbreak

Top 05: Cheyote Virtual jailbreak

Cheyote Virtual jailbreak
Cheyote Virtual jailbreak

Cheyote is a future rootless jailbreak developed by Coolstar that will be made available. Cheyote will originally be compatible with iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 versions, even if it is launched.

Therefore, we must utilize a substitute for iOS 16.1. Thus, the ideal Cheyote substitute is the virtual jailbreak. You shouldn’t anticipate this to have all the jailbreak capabilities of the original tool because it is a web-based application.

iOS 16.1 virtual jailbreak using Cheyote

Several devices were used to test the installation of Cheyote virtual Cydia. We installed virtual Cydia on the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 8, and iPad Air.

Get the Cheyote Virtual Step by Step Guide.

06 top: Zylon


You may download jailbroken apps specifically for Zylon that are connected to iOS 16.1 on Zylon, a community-based third-party development platform. Only Zylon offers the ability to install iOS changes, Setting tweaks, and iOS themes.

iPhone 12 Mini Zylon iOS 16.1 jailbreak applications – made a few changes to the settings. There were enough installed apps without any problems, even without Facetime, Airdrop, or Siri.

Some of the few emulators, like Gearboy, Delta, NESemu, and Firebird Emu, are installed on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Installed apps on the iPhone XR include Night Sky, Autodesk, Twilio Authy, and Pholorize Unseen. Nothing was wrong. The installation went smoothly.

Zylon Step tutorial, download

07 Top: iBundles

Websites linked to the iOS 16.1 jailbreak are included in iBundles. Many jailbreak iOS 16.1 apps are easily installable from the website of the iBundles partner. You may install iPhone customizations from iBundles, including theme collections, icon changers, unusual wallpaper, setting tweaks, and unique Apple boot logos.

iPhone 12 iBundles for iOS 16.1 – installed setting modifications by visiting a partner website on an iPhone 12 through Randomly installed a couple settings mods with no problems.

You can access the iPhone XS – Unusual Wallpaper Experience on the website. On the iPhone XS, we installed various lovely wallpapers.

iPhone 8 Plus – is the website you need to go to if you like to customize iPhone icons. By going to the website, we can modify the iPhone 8 Plus homescreen icons.

The most gorgeous theme sets for the iPad 7 are offered at On the website, we attempted to download a few themes for the iPad 7.

Top 08: TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak

For the first time, Tijong Xuni virtual jailbreak tools were made available for iOS 15 and later versions. It suggests getting Cydia 2. The Tijong Xuni jailbreak does not allow the Cydia lite version to be downloaded. It enables the installation of Cydia 2 as a substitute for Cydia.

jailbreak tool Tijong xuni iOS 16.1
We decided to test it out with iOS 16.1 beta because it performed best with iOS 16 at the time. To test installing Cydia 2, we used the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, and iPad 8. On these most recent iOS devices, Cydia 2 was successfully installed without any issues.

Top 09: iOS 16.1++

Another virtual jailbreak option is iOS 16.1++. It delivers Marron jailbreak after practically jailbreaking iOS 16.1. After that, you can download the Marron jailbreak’s version of virtual Cydia for iOS 16.1. The Marron jailbreak for iOS 16.1 only works with iPhones. iPads cannot be jailbroken for virtual Cydia on iOS 16.1 with Marron.

iOS 16.1 simulated jailbreak using Marron
Check if your iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone XR, or iPhone 8 has the Marron jailbreak. The virtual iOS 16.1 jailbreak method for virtual Cydia was successful on every one of the chosen iPhones. We were able to virtually install Cydia at last. Users of the iOS 16.1 beta are encouraged to try out the risk-free virtual jailbreak method in order to gain experience.

Step-by-Step iOS 16++ Download

Top 10:  Ela Themes

Jailbreaking iOS 16.1
Jailbreaking New iOS 16.1

For the most recent iOS and iPadOS devices, Ela Theme is the greatest jailbroken Theme store. Ela Themes offers vibrant and unique themes that are compatible with iOS 16.1 devices.

 Ela Themes for iOS 16.1

The Ela themes store was compatible with iOS 15 and later versions as well as iOS 16 at the time of writing. We pointed out that the Ela themes store is compatible with all recent device and software releases. So, by installing a few widely-known Ela themes, we tested it with iOS 16.1 beta as well.

Step-by-Step Ela Themes Download

iPhone 13: The Ela Themes store’s 3D, Atomic, and Beige Light themes have been successfully added.

Installation of the iPhone 11 – Black and Gold, Black and Red, and Allegro Themes went smoothly.

Neon Blue Theme, Ombre Theme, and Patience Themes were successfully added to iPad Mini 5.

top 11: Hexxa plus

Another jailbreak repo extractor is Hexxa Plus. The compatibility with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini has been improved. After a quick installation, the App Stores, Repo Extractor, and Hexxa Tweak apps will be downloaded to your iPhone 13’s Hexxa Plus.

  • A completely risk-free online jailbreak solution is Hexxa Plus.
  • Hexxa Plus can be installed without a computer, iTunes, or a Cydia impactor. The IPA sideload process does not exist.
  • Comparing Hexxa Plus to an untethered or semi-untethered jailbreak is not appropriate.
  • The installation process for Hexxa Plus is quite simple.
  • Install third-party apps, Cydia, games, and other jailbreak tweaks.

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How to install Hexxa Plus

Step 01. Tap the above install button

Step 02. Tap allows for installing

Step 03. Now go to Settings > General > VPN and Device Management > And install

Step 04. Now open Hexxa Plus app

Step 05. Use Repo URL to install and extract the repos

How to immediately install iOS 16.1 beta on your iDevice

Apple recently made iOS 16.1 beta 4 available to developers. Install iOS 16.1 beta 4 using the installation instructions provided below.

Step 1: Open the Safari web browser and navigate to

Step 2: Tap “Discover” > “System” > “Download.”

Step 3: Activate your developer account in Step 3. then navigate to iOS 16.1 beta.

Step 4: Click the download button. The iOS 16.1 beta download will begin.

step 05: Going to your device is  Settings > Downloaded Profiles > Select Install. Type in your passcode. To implement the changes, tap Restart.

Step 6: After a second reboot, perform  by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Press the Download and Install button when the update displays.

Step 07: At this point, your iPhone or iPad both have the iOS 16.1 developer beta 4 installed. You can now install the jailbreak solutions mentioned above to use more jailbroken apps.