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To view the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education results click on the district where you wrote the exam and search for your name in the passlist. Below are the district names where exams took place; MANEB PSLCE Results Pass List 2022/2023 www.maneb.edu.mw,MANEB PSLCE Results in 2022, MANEB Results 2022/23, PSLCE Malawi Results in 2022/2023, Get Results Here, PSLCE Results 2022 Pass List @www.maneb.edu.mw,Examination Results – Malawi National Examinations Board, MANEB 2022 Results @www.maneb.edu.mw PSLCE, maneb results pass list 2022, maneb results 2022, standard 8 maneb results 2022,www.maneb.edu.mw 2022,www.maneb.edu.mw 2022 msce results, maneb 2022 results pdf, Malawi primary school leaving certificate results, pslce 2022

Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education

Students who are in their final year of primary school take the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) test. English, Chichewa, Mathematics, Social and Religious Studies, Primary Sciences, Arts, and Life Skills are the six subjects that are tested. A applicant must receive a passing grade in at least five subjects, including English, in order to pass the test.

The Ministry of Education chooses students for admission to all public secondary schools using the PSLCE exam.

Get the Maneb PSLCE Selected Candidates 2022 and the Maneb PSLCE Selection List 2022.

The integration of electronic systems in day-to-day activities has repeatedly shown to be the ideal solution, and the Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) has not been exempt from this trend. The world and its systems are changing in order to pursue the desired improved standards of living and smooth out rigid processes that are time-consuming and stressful for mankind.

Under the Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary (EQUALS) project, the Ministry of Education has assisted MANEB in implementing an electronic system for candidate registration and examination fee collection, referred to as e-registration and e-payment, respectively.

This new system, which aims to increase MANEB’s efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in the registration of candidates and the collection of examination fees, has been introduced as one means of addressing the problems associated with the semi-automated Microsoft Excel-based registration system.

The Maneb PSLCE Selection List 2022 has been made public by the Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB). The list of chosen candidates will be made available online. It denotes that it will be posted on the Malawi National Examinations Board’s official website (MANEB).


However, we will also provide the link/pdf on this page to make it simple for candidates to access the Maneb PSLCE Selection List. Without visiting the official website, candidates awaiting the Maneb PSLCE Selection can download the selection list from this page.

MSCE 2022 Pass List:

  • To view the MSCE results in the 2022 pass list click on the following district where you appeared for the MSCE
  • exam and search for your name in the MSCE 2022 Pass List. Below are the district names where exams are held on.
  • Still, MSCE 2021 Pass List is under preparation. Once the results are out students can download/view the
  • results pass list. to get updates you can join our Facebook pages for more updates.

Malawi Schools Certificate of Education (MSCE) RESULTS 2022 PASS LIST

Click on the district where you took the test to view the Malawi School Certificate of Education results, then look for your name in the passlist. The districts where the tests were held are listed below;


Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education MMANEB PSLCE Pass List Results 2021 DOWNLOAD PDF

Click on the district where you took the test to view the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education results, then look for your name in the passlist. The districts where the tests were held are listed below;

2022 MSCE Results :

Results for Malawi’s MSCE in 2022: If you’re wondering how to check Malawi’s MSCE results online, visit the MANEB website at www.maneb.edu.mw to get a list of results broken down by district. Follow the instructions below to get the results.

  • Open your laptop or mobile device’s internet browser first.
    Step 2: Type “www.maneb.edu.mw” in the address bar.
    Step three: Click “Examination Results” located directly beneath the MANABE logo.
    Fourth Step: When a new window appears, select “Malawi National Examinations Board.”
    Step 5: This is a list of the names of the districts. Select the area where you took the test by clicking.
    Sixth step: A file will open or download where you can look for your name or number to find out if you passed or failed.

The registration and payment system, which was based on Microsoft Excel and has been in use for the past ten years, proved to be labor- and time-intensive. Although data cleaning efforts were made, there were times when schools would tamper with the excel sheets, causing numerous errors, some of which were still transferred to the MANEB Master Candidate Database. Exam fees were collected from candidates for the semi-automated system by schools and deposited into MANEB accounts. Some schools had a tendency to embezzle exam fees, which interfered with MANEB’s business operations.


Screenshot 46

This year 2022, the newly introduced e-registration and e-payment system has been used to register candidates for the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE), Junior Certificate Examination (JCE), and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations in 19 education districts located in the Northern Education Division (NED), Central West Education Division. The e-registration and e-payment system was piloted in Zomba Urban and Rural Education districts in 2021. (SEED).

With the aid of a school representative, a candidate must use the web-based e-registration system to sign up for the exam at an examination center that has been approved by MANEB. After a candidate registers, the system generates an invoice with a special number.

The invoice includes the candidate’s information, the subjects the candidate wishes to take, and the total examination fee the candidate is required to pay. The candidate can now make any necessary changes before completing the registration process.


After the applicant has confirmed the accuracy of the information, the applicant is given an invoice number that is used to pay the examination fees via a mobile device through the National Bank Mo626, TNM Mpamba, or NBS EazyWapp, EazyApp, EazyWallet, EazyMobile322 and NBS Bank Pafupi e-payment platforms.

The efficiency of MANEB will be improved in a number of ways by the electronic systems. Real-time candidate data recording on MANEB’s servers makes it simple to retrieve the data for planning purposes. The system also allows applicants to check their information and make changes, improving the accuracy of the information collected by schools. Incorrect name spellings on exam results and MANEB certificates will be addressed by candidates independently verifying their own personal information. Since fees are paid in real time through the e-payment platforms directly into MANEB’s account, the e-payment system improves fee collection by MANEB. 2022 MANEB PSLCE Results

In order to help schools implement the e-registration system in 2022, MANEB ran training sessions for school representatives from January 17 through February 4, 2022, to familiarize them with the system and provide them practical experience using it. In order to provide ongoing support and further coaching to the school representatives during the registration process, MANEB also formed WhatsApp groups for them. MANEB PSLCE Pass List 2022/2023 Results www.maneb.edu.mw

Primary School Leaving Certificate of EducationOpen or Close

Click on the district where you took the test to view the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education results, then look for your name in the passlist. The districts where the tests were held are listed below;


Blantyre Rural

Blantyre Urban






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Lilongwe City

Lilongwe East

Lilongwe West






Mzimba North

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Mzuzu City











Zomba Rural

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