LG V20 LS997 unlock network lock successfully tested all carrier all adroid 7 or 8

LG V20 LS997 unlocked successfully  with Oreo update, in this post you will get two options to unlock lg v20 ls997 sim lock

The first option Unlock LG V20 LS997 (Sprint version). There is no trick.

I bought my LG V20 LS997 from ebay and the seller claimed it is unlocked. I called Sprint and they also told me the phone is unlocked domestically and internationally.

However when I put non-Sprint sim card, I always got invalid sim card icon in the status bar and cannot get the phone work. Many people had the same issues.

Some people can unlock it and work but after update to Oreo, the phone will be locked again.

I found place in Sprint community talking about the unlocked LG V20 but still getting invalid sim card. I read through all the articles one by one. And I found that there are basically three steps:
1) Update PRL;
2) Update Profile;
3) Unlock UICC;

I can do the first two without any problem. But I never succeeded in step 3. So in the Sprint community, I sent Em_Will_I_Am (please remember this guy, he is really good and can help you out) a private message telling him my IMEI, ICCD(sim card), and what problem I had. He will check if the phone is unlocked in the system or not first and make sure the phone can be unlocked by Sprint standard (fully paid, not stolen phone, no unpaid charge, etc.). Since my phone is in good standing and can be unlocked. He first re-locked my phone and I had to restart my phone using ##72786# to reset network settings. After that, he unlocked my phone. After I do ##72786# again and wait for my phone is hand-free activated and wait for several minutes. I did
1) Update PRL;
2) Update Profile;
3) Unlock UICC;
What I got was something like ‘Your phone is unlocked to any UICC that is supported by the phone.’

Then I removed my sprint sim card and into an H2O wireless (AT&T MVNO) sim card. It works! You have to manually configure the APN in order to get data working. Since this is Sprint version V20, it only supports 3G in at&t network. But at least I can have a voice and 3G data from other vendors. I tried rebooting my V20 and factory resetting my V20. All of these operations have no impact on accepting the non-Sprint sim card. It looks to me is really unlocked now. My LG V20 was updated to Oreo OTA one week back. so it is on the latest version of Android now.

Thanks a lot to Em_Will_I_Am. When he relocks and unlocks your phone, he basically sends out a signal and your phone will pop up and say ‘Updating profile’ and then ‘Profile update is completed’. During the whole process, Em_Will_I_Am will send you a private message to tell you what he did and what you need to do.

My LG V20 was still in the Sprint network and was active. I don’t know if you don’t have your phone actively on Sprint network will that work. But I would suggest sending a private message to Em_Will_I_Am and seek his help. He may be able to help.

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