MagicCFG Reloaded v2.0 tool released dmg for apple watch 2022-2023- MagicCFG Diagnostics tool

The app makes it possible to read, write and restore important configuration data on iDevices, making it an important tool for hobbyists and professional repair stores. It requires no accessories except for a DCSD cable / adapter and is therefore much cheaper and faster to use than with conventional NAND programmers from the Far East.

Please note that the source code doesn’t include any files to boot into diags mode… You may need to add it yourself…

This tool is mostly written in Swift and interacts with the syscfg partition of iDevices. So be careful in usage and make sure you understand what you are doing!

Features of MagicCFG v2.0 tool :

  • Editing the device’s sysCFG with ease, no need to solder and buy expensive programmers from China 🙂
  • Identify issues of your device in combination with MagicCFG Diagnostics
  • Do NAND swaps easier
  • Other fun stuff…

Getting Started


In order to get the exploits working, you have to install libusb before using the tool… Therefore go to, copy the command there and paste it into the terminal… After installation finished, run

brew install libusb


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


MagicCFG Reloaded v2.0 tool released download link


MagicCFG Diagnostics tool This is the first release of MagicCFG Diagnostics. MagicCFG Diagnostics beta is out for the apple watch.
It lets u testing and analyzing your iDevice’s components in Purple mode. this is a regular iBUS S3, yes, it’s working with DFU on S3. But all other watches do NOT work, so stay away of iBUS.

Current features:
– Memory testing
– NAND testing
– Button testing
– Display testing
– PMU reading
– i2c reading/testing

Download MagicCFG Diagnostic tool

MagicCFG Diagnostics tool is out for the apple watch

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