Netone Free internet still works as long as you keep updating the settings as provided by Androidtechvilla.com, Netone users in Zimbabwe should enjoy unlimited free internet on their smartphone with the aid these new Updated settings and the Droid VPN app, note that you don’t need to subscribe to data to enjoy this Unlimited free internet on Netone Zimbabwe, without any data balance you are good to go.

This free Netone Zimbabwe free internet setting works out of the box, this is a revisited settings of the Econet free internet we shared earlier which had authentication issue however with the new settings can enjoy it on netone, remember we have free internet settings for networks here, you can check them out too.

As a disclaimer, note that free internet tweaks shared here are for educational purposes only, to alert the ISP about the loopholes available on their network at the same time providing free internet for users who utilize it at the moment.

Some Features Droid VPN

A good tunneling VPN

Easy to set up servers

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a simple UI

fast in connection


Requirements For Netone Zimbabwe Unlimited Free Internetet Via Droid VPN

~ An Netone Zimbabwe sim card with zero data and call credit

~An Android device, iOS or PC


~Your Droid VPN (download from here )

~The configuration settings below

Droid VPN Settings For Netone Zimbabwe Unlimited Free Internet Via Droid VPN

Follow the instructions below to set up your Droid VPN for free internet Surfing.

1. Download Droid VPN from the link above

Click here to create a Droid VPN account

Then login with your details on the Droid app, to do that, click on settings and then on account and save your details as shown below


2. Install the app and then open it.
3. Click on Settings and then go to TCP and HTTP
4. Now configure this way:

Remote Remote port: 110
Local TCP port: 1111Or

Remote Remote port: 443 or 009
Local TCP port: 3202 or 1080

Disabled send HTTP headers on TCP (make sure its not ticked)

Now on the bottom corner of your screen ensure that its on Editor and Generator and then configure as seen below:
Host: Netone.co.zw
Then go on Query method and select the following checkboxes:

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°Keep Alive
°Online Host
°User Agent

5. Click on Generate, Validate and then Save
6. RePress back to main settings

Now Go to proxy settings, Then Enable Proxy

Now Click on the proxy type and select: HTTPS

The on Proxy Host and put: or or or or or
And now click “Ok”

On Proxy port use 8080 or 80

Then click “Ok”

Then click on Proxy HTTP Headers

After you do click on the button on Bottom Left Corner Which Says: Generator

Remove any url there and input

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Then return to Query method tick Keep Alive

Then Click on “Generate” and “Save” (the save button is on the bottom right of your screen)

Then go back to settings and select VPN Connection Settings

Tick the first 3 options and untick others

The go back to the app’s interface and select TCP

Then select any free server and connect, then wait for some minutes for it to connect

Note : Connect Under any Protocol on any server of your choice ie *(Http*
Or tcp then keep clicking the start&stop button till it says Proxy connection time-out .. or the couldn’t open main tcp

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Then Wait for 2 to 3 minutes, now open the app and reconnect, it should connect automatically.

New Working Proxies For Econet/Netone Zimbabwe Unlimited Free Internet Via Droid VPN or or or or

Remember to select another server if it fails to connect

How To Use Latest Netone Zimbabwe Unlimited Free Internet Via Droid VPN On PC

To be able to use this Netone Zimbabwe Unlimited Free Internet Via Droid VPN on your pc you will need to read this detailed guideline on how you can share your phones VPN connection with a pc this method works flawlessly, so check them out
Note that you can easily share your VPN connection with other Android smartphones or pc if even your phone is not rooted, to do so follow the instructions on this post promptly


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