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Movitel M6245 Unlock firmware

Hi!¬†We make this file available on this store to unlock your device’s network, before buying know that this firmware is for:

  • Unlock the¬†Movitel M6245¬†¬†for all national and international networks;
  • No Losing Data or Information;
  • Simple, Easy and Safe;

Important information

  • Always check if the¬†IMEI¬†remains the same after the Unlock process by typing¬†*#06#¬†;
  • Download the¬†Miracle Box¬†Available¬†Here¬†.
  • Use¬†WinRAR¬†or¬†7Zip¬†to unzip the file available¬†Here;
  • Available on¬†Google Drive¬†;
  • File Size:¬†4MB¬†;
  • Status:¬†Tested and Approved¬†;
  • For files marked as Not Tested / Approved, back up if you can;
  • Ignore if there is a¬†Site link¬†inside the Archive¬†to be able to visit;
  • If you don’t know how to use the file, get help
  1. This file is in bin* format, use Miracle Box 2.82 , another version or another supported program for the unlocking process.
  2. Follow the instructions below if you are new to unlocking this phone.

How to unlock Movitel M6245

How to Unlock

These are possible instructions and should be followed with someone who can correct any errors that occurred during the flash process. We are not responsible for damage to your device.
NOTE: Your device must have at least 40-50% battery power to perform the flash process. 
  1. Download and install D rivers Spreadtrum on your computer. If Drivers are already installed, skip this step;
  2. Download Miracle Box Crack from the link you received in your email.
  3. Extract the Firmware file you downloaded after paying for the product on your computer.
  4. Run the Miracle Box Crackyou just installed as an administrator ;
  5. Select SPD > Write > SPD6631E SP > Load the file from the file you just extracted;
  6. Now click on START BUTTON . If the button is not clickable, change the date on your computer to 1989 ;
  7. Close the Miracle Box Crack program and run it again and continue with the process;
  8. Make sure your device is completely turned off, and press the bootkey ( Options key ) and ( back key ) keyboards ;
  9. Plug your USB cable into your cell phone and wait while the unlocking process is in progress on your computer;
  10. Once the flash is complete, you can see the approval message in Miracle Box Crack .;
  11. After seeing the message ( 100% ) disconnect the cell phone, Remove the battery, Re-insert and turn on the phone that is already fully unlocked.
  12. If you have any questions regarding unlocking the Movitel M6245 network , ask for help

Movitel M6245 Unlock firmware

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