MTN Ha Tunnel Free Internet Unlimited Trick

MTN Ha Tunnel Unlimited Free Internet Trick

Similar to the Nigerian Airtel trick it can also be used with VPN tunnel apps of your choice to receive unlimited internet. It doesn’t require any SNI hosts or free Internet hosts to make it work. It doesn’t require that you have data or airtime to get the trick started.

The trick has three settings. Two of them are completely free. The third requires an Internet package (Tidal) to function. This third one was actually added because of some requests from my Facebook friends.

The Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet configuration files is the only thing that gives unlimited Internet access. This is internet with unlimited data. There is however a catch ………, and it has to do the Droid VPN App.

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Once the configuration has been uploaded, connect it to the Internet. Then you can tether your connection to enjoy unlimited Internet access. Another trick for the Droid VPN app is to port it to another tunneling application that supports UDP protocol.

Follow these steps to configure your computer and get unlimited internet. Keep checking our website and social media.

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Updated : This trick has been updated 18 March 2022

mtn free internet trick Requirements:

  • A MTN Uganda SIM Card with Zero Data and Call Credit
  • An Android device, iOS or PC.
  • You Ha Tunnel VPN or DroidVPN (Find the link below).
  • Configuration settings

mtn free internet trick Setting 1

  • Download Driod VPN for Android download
  • Open the app.
  • First, click on Settings. Next, go to UDP Setting.
  • Now, configure this way:

Auto port scan: Tick


Remote UDP port: 53
Local UDP port 80
Choose UDP Mod: Mode 1
TCount: 500
RCount: 04
5. Next, return to the home page and select a server. Connect and enjoy unlimited Internet access

mtn free internet trick Setting 2

  •  Download Driod VPN for Android download
  • Open the app.
  •  First, click on Settings. Next, go to UDP Setting.
  •  Now, configure this way:

Auto port scan: Tick

Remote UDP port: 80
Local UDP port 80
Choose UDP Mod: Mode 1
TCount: 1
RCount: 11
5. Next, return to the server selection page and connect for free Internet access

mtn free internet trick Settings 3

  • First, download Tunnel Plus VPN. Then, install
  • Download your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN MTN configuration file
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • First, click on ” Export/Export“, then ” import Config“.
  • Locate the configurations that you have downloaded previously and click to import.
  • Click on Start, then wait for the connection. Once it goes through, you will be able to access the internet. Reduce the amount of data you need and get free internet access.
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If you have any issues, please disconnect and reconnect or upload a new file.

Please note: This article is only for EDUCATIONAL purpose. It is your responsibility to use it and take action.

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