Check NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022/2014 pdf: result.neaea.gov.et free

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022: result.neaea.gov.et check Ethiopian grade 12 student exam result 2014 EC: Check 12th-grade results in online app.neaea.gov.et 12 national exam student results. Until 2021, Ethiopian University Entrance Examination Certificate was known as the Grade 12 final examination. However, after 2021 it was replaced and renamed as Secondary School Leaving Examination (SSLE).

National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency (NEAEA), Ethiopia Grade 12 Result 2021 will be announced in July 2021. Previously students

used www.nae.gov.et official website to check the grade 12 exam result 2021. However, from now neaea gov et will help us to check the grade 12 national exam result 2012 EC.

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NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022

Since 2001, the second part of preparatory secondary education has also been a 2-year period (Grades 11, 12) and is viewed as preparation for higher education. Students could acquire the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate (ESLC) at the end of this period until 2003. The Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination has since replaced this certificate (EHEEE).

The national examination for grade 12 will most likely be held from November 28 to December 1, 2013. In general, the NEAEA reviews exam papers and publishes grade 12 results within 45 days.

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022
Current Status: Coming soon


The Ethiopian grade 12 national exams was finished smoothly on November 12th. 617,991 pupils have registered to take the SSLE national exam. However, 545,381 pupils took the final examination.

The second year of preparatory secondary school is divided into two tracks: natural science and social science, which contain the following subjects:


Natural science stream

  • specific subjects: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics.
  • general subjects: social studies, English, physical education.
  • optional subjects: foreign language, the national language.

Social science stream

  • specific subjects: social studies, geography, history.
  • general subjects: English, mathematics, physical education.
  • optional subjects: foreign language, the national language, natural sciences.

Result.neaea.gov.etĀ  grade 12 2022

Admission to higher education was previously determined by the results of the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination. Admission has been based on the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination since that year (EHEEE). In order to be admitted to the bachelor’s courses, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.

In practice, however, due to the limited capacity of the higher education system, entrance is restricted to those with the best marks. Students with a C or above in at least five disciplines, including English, mathematics, and Amharic, are usually admitted.

Admission to the Diploma programs requires a GPA of 1.4, however the needed GPA is decided by the number of available seats. To boost women’s access to higher education, they are permitted to enroll with a GPA that is 0.2 point lower than the required GPA.

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NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022 Date

The NEA ofĀ Ethiopia (www.nae.gov.et) released the grade 12 result onĀ August 6, 2017. However, 2021 NEAEA publishedĀ Ethiopiaā€™s grade 12 resultĀ onĀ AugustĀ  27,Ā 2021.

Every year, the outcome is announced in August or the first week of September. Last year, over one million pupils took the exam across the country, with girls accounting for 47.7 percent.

How to check Grade 12 Result 2022:

NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022
NEAEA Grade 12 Result 2022

TheĀ National Examination Agency (NEA) allows students to accessĀ EthiopiaĀ Student ResultĀ online. As a result, the grade 12 exam result can also be checked online.

  • Switch on your laptop or mobile and connect to the Internet.
  • Open a web browser and typeĀ www.neaea.gov.et
  • Check the main menu and click onĀ Student Result.
  • Now select Grade 12.
  • Enter ā€œStudent Registration Numberā€
  • Finally, click on GO.

Recent changes

  • Education Minister Getahun Mukaraba (PhD) stated that the 12th-grade national exam, which was scheduled to be held online, has been rescheduled due to the unavailability of the test tablets to reach the country on time.
  • As a result, he stated that the 2012 National Examination will be held on February 29, 2013.
  • The institution will provide examination IDs from February 22 to 24, according to the statement.
  • The test and answer papers will be sent to the zones between February 21 and February 27, 2013, according to the statement.
  • The Ministry of Education has been preparing to administer the 2012 Grade 12 National Examination online.

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