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New Apprenticeships in South Africa 2022/2023

Apprenticeships in South Africa 2022/2023 Because South Africa now has a dearth of trained tradespeople, graduates from trade apprenticeship programs are in high demand. A profession in commerce can provide a stable and well-paying future. Electricians, engineers, mechanics, welders, and many other occupations are popular apprenticeships. Transnet, Eskom, SAB, Toyota, and other significant corporations provide apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeships in South Africa

An apprenticeship is a national qualification that combines workplace and institutional learning.

An apprenticeship is based on a contract between the person who wishes to learn the skill and the employer who need a skilled worker.

Depending on the program, an apprenticeship can span two to four years.

As an apprentice, approximately 90% of the learner’s time is spent acquiring practical skills under the supervision of a competent tradesperson.

The remainder of your time will be spent learning the theoretical and technical aspects of your trade.

Over time, the apprenticeship training system has shown to be one of the most successful ways to learn in the world.

(Artisans & Skills Training Centre Ekurhuleni)

What Jobs Have Apprenticeships?

There are many jobs where apprenticeships are needed.  These include electricians, welders, plumbers, engineers, IT, mechanics, and others. Qualified people are hard to find in these positions so if you have completed an internship you will find it easy to get a job.

Apprenticeships are usually limited to technical trades and learners are forced to work out a fixed period of time before they can receive their qualification.

Apprenticeships are job-orientated, but learners earn a salary while they get an education.

What Companies Offer Apprenticeship Training?

Many top companies need qualified apprentices so they offer apprenticeship training to make sure they have enough staff to meet their needs. Large companies such as Transnet, Eskom, Barloworld, Toyota, SAB, and Mercedes-Benz and just some of the companies that are well known to train a lot of apprentices.

Latest Apprenticeship Jobs Available

The Careers Portal website will always list the latest apprenticeship jobs available near you.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to make sure you always hear first when an apprenticeship becomes available.

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