New BIN Microsoft Azure RDP 100% Working 2022

Microsoft Azure, sometimes known as Azure, is a cloud computing service run by Microsoft for managing applications through data centers under Microsoft’s supervision.

New BIN Azure RDP (Telegram)

  • BIN : 405060003853xxxx
  • BIN : 405060003853xxx1

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A BIN is what?

The initial group of four to six numbers that appears on a payment card is known as the bank identification number (BIN). This group of numbers serves as a unique identifier for the organization that issued the card and is crucial in the process of connecting transactions to the charge card issuer.

We have the representation, in brief;

  • BIN: Bank Identification Number.
  • CC: Credit Card.
  • CCN: Credit Card Number.

How to Use BIN to Create Premium Accounts

We want to know how to use the BIN we have above to make a premium account on the site specifically for the BIN.

To avoid performing everything you are about to do in vain, double-check the website and make sure it matches the BIN IP. This is quite significant. To establish a premium account with the given BIN, follow the 5 steps listed below.

  • Utilize the BIN-specific IP to join a VPN. Use a VPN service, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or VYPR-VPN.
  • After that, click CC GEN to be directed to a CC generator in this article. Here, you must paste the BIN into the Generator’s necessary area. Make sure the BIN on this article has the FETCHA and CVV you need to input before pasting it into the required area. Skip this section and click
  • Generate to generate your credit card with an expiration date and CVV if these are not included in the BIN.
  • Then, using a reliable CC checker, duplicate all the created CC and check them for live CC. To check your credit card for live ones, click here.
  • Next, open your browser and click on the “LINK” designated to the BIN in this post. This will direct you to the site where you must enter the created credit card number (CC) you received from the BIN.
  • Choose register for your free trial under the “free trial” option on the target website. Get your free premium trial account by placing the Live CC you received in the necessary box.


For your protection, BINs are utilized to obtain limitless free trial accounts from a particular website. BIN usage is prohibited, and AiM BINs disclaims all liability for any misuse of our contents. We’re only here to share BINs and applications for them.

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