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About Canon Service Tool V.1071 V1072 V1073 V1074

Concerning Canon Service Tool V.1071, V.1072, V.1073, and V.1074 With the addition of additional capabilities including Save EEPROM, Auto cleaning, and flatbed scanner, Canon Service Tool V1071 is an improved version of CST V1050.

Compatible Printer
As per the Canon Service Manual, this tool supports the following printers:

Referring from Canon Service Manual, this tool support printers :

  • Canon iP2700 series: Pixma iP2700, iP2702, iP2770, iP2772, iP2780, iP2788 (Overseas), Pixus iP2700 (Japan)
  • Canon MX340 series: Pixma MX340, MX347, MX348
  • Canon MX350 series: Pixma MX350, MX357, MX358 (Overseas), Pixus MX350 (Japan)
  • Canon MX870 series: Pixma MX870, MX876 (Overseas), Pixus MX870 (Japan)
  • Canon MX360 series: Pixma MX360, MX366, MX368
  • Canon MG5200 series: MG5210, MG5220, MG5230, MG5240, MG5250, MG5270, and MG5280

Because these four Canon Service Tools belong to the same generation, we’ll focus on the most recent version, Service Tool v.1074.

How to reset waste ink tank full using the Canon Service Tool V1074

Every time it prints, the printer automatically cleans its print heads. The waste ink absorber is where the leftover ink from the print head cleaning process is stored. Until one day, when the message “Ink absorber is full, with error code: 5B00/5B01/5B02/5B03 or 1700/1701/1702/1703” came, the waste ink absorber was fully loaded.

  • Get Canon Service Tool V.1074 now
    Open service-tool-v1074.exe after extracting the file.
  • Set your printer to the service mode by following the instructions here for a Canon printer.
  • Fill your printer with paper.
  • Print the EEPROM data before resetting it for future use. Before continuing, wait for the printer to finish printing.
  • Select MAIN, then click SET to remove the ink counter. Once the Main ink absorber counter has been reset, the value of the ink absorber counter is printed automatically.
  • Set your region and destination: Click SET after selecting one of the following: ASA (Asia), AUS (Australia), BRA (Brazil), CHN (China), CND (Canada), EMB (Middle East), EUR (Europe), JPN (Japan), KOR (Korea), LTN (Latin), TWN (Taiwan), USA (United States).
  • Print the EEPROM data one more after the reset. Watch for

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