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[NEW] Evil Dead Patch Notes The Game Update 1.21

Evil Dead Patch Notes The Game Update 1.21
Evil Dead Patch Notes The Game Update 1.21

Saber Interactive has just released Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.21 PATCH NOTE, and the full patch notes are available below. Today’s update includes Mia Allen and David Allen as Survivors, as well as the next DLC characters. Aside from that, a plethora of new game content has been added.

The following section contains all of the information you need to know about the Evil Dead: The Game patch notes for Update 1.21. This new update should be available for download and installation right away. We do not yet know the file size of this release, but we will update this page once we learn more.

Evil Dead 1.21 Patch Notes (1.200.100) – September 8, 2022

New Added Two New Survivors

Mia – You requested it, and you got it. Mia will be available in Evil Dead: The Game on September 8th! She’s learned how to channel all of her rage and terror. Her abilities include the ability to turn her own fear into damage and total resistance to demon possession. Be cautious, demon players! Mia is perfectly suited to bring you down.

David Allen – Take on the role of new survivor David Allen. His team-boosting abilities make him a natural group guardian. And if he gets his hands on the new nail gun weapon, he’ll cause a lot of havoc.

New Content

  • New survivors: Mia and David from Evil Dead 2013
  • New demon: Plaguebringer
  • New weapons: Syringe and Nailgun
  • New mission: Weekend at Knowby’s with rewards (3 new screamers)
  • Now missions can be played without following the numeric order
  • Now the cars receive damage/second during the Dark Ones and the Necronomicon phases
  • Map selection in Exploration Mode

New Function in Evil Dead Patch Notes

  • Exploration Mode map selection

Updates to the Balance

  • The lever action rifle is now armed with handgun ammunition.
  • Thunderstruck, Mini Eligos’ attack, has gained velocity.
  • The light attack of the Warlord’s Elite Unit is now faster.
  • AI that is more aggressive now interrupts its taunts to attack.
  • Increased likelihood of the AI carrying out special attacks
  • The Necromancer can no longer spawn a second Flutist while the first is still active.
  • Map of Infernal Energy Orbs in Caravans and Cabins
  • The minimum distance between objectives has been increased to prevent them from spawning too close together.
  • The Demon is expelled closer to the next objective after completing an objective.
  • Reduced high rarity drops on common boxes
  • Hidden weapons are now more common.
  • The number of hidden weapons on the Army of Darkness map has been reduced.
  • Shemp and Amulet spawn rates have been reduced in Castle Kandar.
  • On all maps, the number of spawned cars has been reduced.
  • 5% increase in Necronomicon health
  • Storm has now closed 50 meters.
  • Reduce the maximum amount of Shemp’s Cola taken by the Mini Ashes trap from two to one.

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  • Amulets and “Shemps Cola” can no longer be duplicated by players.
  • Players can no longer duplicate items by pressing “Drop” and “Drop all” at the same time.
  • Players are no longer able to drop items while being attacked by Mini Ashes Trap, Hand Trap, or Finisher animations.
  • Demon upgrades now apply correctly to all unit skills (previously, some of them did not).
  • While driving a car, the Demon receives the appropriate damage to its Evil Energy.
  • During the possession animation, you can no longer drop the weapon and open the map.
  • During the Dark Ones and Necronomicon phases, the cars now take damage per second.
  • The Necronomicon cannot be attacked before its timer begins.
  • Survivor can no longer keep Bleeding Out indefinitely.
  • Survivor can no longer attack while Bleeding Out.
  • After being possessed by the Demon while activating the active ability, the Survivor’s ability cooldown can no longer be set to zero.
  • The clone of Demi-Eligos no longer vanishes after spawning.
  • Fixed the non-damage attacks for Warlord and Puppeteer Boss Units to Necronomicon (now their abilities inflict damage to the Necronomicon) (now their abilities inflict damage to the Necronomicon)
  • On Mission 5, video stuttering was fixed after the player killed Evil Ash.
  • The ranged weapon model no longer vanishes from the player’s hands.
  • On Xbox One and PS4, the Caravans map no longer freezes in an area near Dead End.
  • Fixed goal in Caravans without prompt pick-up
  • If a demon scare portal trap interrupts a player’s vaulting animation, they can no longer walk in the air.
  • The crosshair of a ranged weapon no longer remains visible after dying during the Necronomicon phase.
  • The “Light Therapy” skill of Hunter can no longer be unlocked without spending skill points at the second tier.
  • When in Solo Mode, players will no longer freeze during the Dark Ones banishing animation
  • Survivors no longer have difficulty reviving their teammates if they begin to do so while running.
  • The cost of portals was not reduced during the Necronomicon phase.
  • Clara Pond objective bug fix
  • Various stability improvements
  • Various fixes for navigation and environment locations where players get stuck
  • Several animation fixes
  • Bugs that vanished were fixed.
  • Fixed a visual flickering issue.
  • Stability improvements have been made.
  • Performance enhancements have been added.
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