{NEW Latest} Apple Watch iCloud Unlock Tool S1, S2, S3 devices 2021-2022

Apple Watch iCloud Unlock Tool S1, S2, S3 devices

Stuck with Activation Lock on your Apple Watch? This post will show how to skip it and turn it OFF. Just a few steps, a one-click tool, and BOOM apple watch iCloud Unlocked. This is an amazing tool special for those who have many recycled apple watches with old owners linked to the iwatch. You can also use promo code: anonyshufor 10% discount serial registration.

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Apple Watch iCloud Unlock Tool

Supported Devices: Apple Watch Series 1/2/3 (GSM) (both 38mm and 42mm). No exploits are available for series 4/5/6/7.

Why this is the best method?
The Unlock Watch software is available to the public. It’s fast, easy, and reliable to remove iCloud completely. No need to find new serials, the app does everything for you in just one click.

You will need an iBus or AWRT adapter.

Apple Watch iCloud Unlock Tool S1, S2, S3 devices ONLY

you can find this hardware adapter in international online shops like Aliexpress, eBay, or Amazon.

It is important to use special equipment, such as iBus, to connect the locked Apple Watch to a Mac computer. With its help, it is simple to put Apple Watch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode to perform actions with a device in any state (repair the iWatch, downgrade firmware, upgrade firmware, restore the watch).

Device Firmware Upgrade is a part of the SecureROM built into the hardware.

The Find My Watch Unlock software is compatible with:

  • iBus (for Apple Watch S1, S2, S3);
  • Apple Original Connector;
  • Apple Factory Connector.


Unlock watch is one-click user-friendly tool to help all users to unlock Apple Watch permanently and in the most straightforward manner. Below, you will see the several steps that will prepare your iWatch for the unlock.

  • Download apple watch unlock tool here
  • connect iBus to your S1 / S2 / S3 apple watch
  • connect apple watch into DFU mode ( follow the instructions from unlock. watch app )
  • Now make your online order for serial registration.
  • Use our code for 10% discount promocode: anonyshu
  • now press Unlock apple watch
  • wait for confirmation message and done
  • Exist from DFU mode
  • Now ready to use

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