New Remix OS Installation Tool Tutorial free download 64-Bit 2022

Remix OS Installation Tool;- When you have already downloaded the archive with Remix OS, you can proceed with the installation. In this article, you will get the Remix OS installation tool and everything you need to get the Remix OS on your PC.


Remix OS installation Tutorial

First, unpack the archive into a convenient folder on your PC. Among the extracted files is the image of the OS itself, as well as the Remix OS installation tool.

You can download it separately – Remix OS Installation Tool Download.

Following the instructions you will create an installation USB flash drive:

  1. Open the Remix OS installation tool from the Remix OS folder
  2. Choose the disk “Type”
  3. Choose the name “Drive”
  4. Open Remix OS ISO file from your Remix OS folder
  5. Press “OK” and make sure that you don’t have any important data on the flash drive, because it will be erased.

You’ve now done and got a bootable Remix OS flash drive. Put it your PC, choose it in the boot option (BIOS) and enjoy!

Remix OS Download Free 32/64 bit

Download Remix OS will allow you to easily install Android on your PC or laptop. Remix OS for PC is fully optimized to work on computers and it’s management is very simple and clear even to an inexperienced Windows user.

Remix OS Download Free available in 2 versions:

  1. Remix OS download 32 bit
  2. Remix OS download 64 bit

If you have a relatively new processor – choose the 64-bit version.

The Remix OS 3.0 has absorbed the best qualities of Android and Windows. Here you will find mouse control, sсroll the wheel and select the files holding the left button, which is a great advantage for Android on the PC.


In the lower-left corner of the desktop, there is a usual button, that opens the menu with all programs. No, it’s not the Start, but something very similar. At the bottom of the screen, there is a task pane, which enables you to switch between the running applications, at the end of which there is quick access to important things, such as Wi-Fi and RAM cleaning

Android on PC

Sometimes there could be a necessity to find out how to install Android on a PC. There are several ways to install Android on your computer:

  • Android x86 – standalone OS for the laptop or desktop computers
  • Android Emulator for PC – easiest way to run Android apps on a PC
  • Another Android-based standalone OS, for example – Remix OS
Remix OS installation Tutorial
Remix OS installation Tutorial

In the following articles, you can find out the details of the installation and using all of the above Android systems.

Now you can choose the best option for you and learn how to install Android on PC.