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CLASH OF CLANS is one of the most popular games with 500m+ Downloads. Clash of Clans is an addictive game where you build a base, protect it, train troops, and attack others. As you get more and more gold and elixir resources, your base will get bigger and better! Using COC Private Server with TH14 or Mod version you can upgrade all the buildings and max it out in a few minutes. In Private Server, you get unlimited gems, Elixir, Gold, etc. In some private servers, you can also get unlimited Buildings and Troops. And in some private Servers, you can get mod buildings like Dragon Tower, Queen Tower, etc, and Troops from other games like Clash Royale, Boom Beach, etc which makes the game more interesting to play. By playing private server you can enjoy yourself a lot.

COC Clan Capital

What is Clan Capital?

Clan Capital is the central hub where the entire Clan contributes to the construction and upgrading of a massive base. Every member of a Clan will be able to contribute to building this awesome new region to strengthen its defenses and upgrade its Troops. But that’s not all! Your Clan will be able to try and defeat other Clans’ Capitals over the course of a Raid Weekend. Battle as a Clan for Capital Gold to upgrade and improve your Capital but also Raid Medals that you can use to purchase items for your own Village. You’ll even be able to purchase reinforcement Troops without having to wait for your other Clanmates to donate them!

How do we go to Clan Capital?

The Clan Capital will be accessible to Clans that are Level 2 or higher. Once your Clan reaches this requirement, your Clan will unlock the ability to travel to the Capital. Furthermore, your Village must be Town Hall level 6 or higher in order to enter the Capital.

Just click the Air Ship next to the Builder Base boat and it will send you high into the clouds to a distant new land for your Clan to explore!

Who can play?

  • You can start playing the Clan Capital at Town Hall 6.
  • Clans need to be XP level 2 to unlock the Clan Capital.

Building the Capital

The Clan Capital consists of several Districts. You convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold in the Forge. You then use the Capital Gold to Contribute to Buildings in the Districts.


Check the Builder Menu to see what buildings your Clan can upgrade and is currently upgrading.

  • Buildings need several Contributions to be leveled up.
  • Players can contribute to any Building.
  • Districts contain all of the Buildings available for that District.
  • Troops and Spells unlock when their Buildings are built.
  • Troops and Spells are leveled up by upgrading their Buildings.
  • Contributing to Buildings gives you Reputation points.

Raid Weekends

The Raid Weekend is when Clans attack an enemy Clan Capital. Clans do not go head-to-head in Raids. Clans attack a different Clan than the one attacking them.

  • The Leader and Co-Leaders sign the Clan up for the Raid Weekend.
  • Clans get matched against other Clans with roughly the same levels of Buildings.
  • You get Capital Gold from destroying Buildings in their attacks.
  • Everyone participating gets Raid Medal rewards for destroying Districts.
  • Everyone participating gets additional Raid Medals for destroying an entire Capital.
  • If a Clan manages to destroy all of the enemy Capital’s Districts, the Clan will be able to attack another Clan Capital.
  • Up to 50 players can participate in the Raid Weekend. You reserve your slot in the Raid Weekend by attacking during the weekend.


You have 5 attacks to use during the Raid Weekend. There are no Troop training times and no Troop costs. When players damage a District, the damage stays for the next attacker.

  • Destroying a single District requires several players to attack it.
  • Spells stay in the District for 2 attacks before they disappear.
  • You can gain one extra attack per weekend if you are the player to destroy the last Building in a District.

COC Clan Capital Private Server


There are three types of rewards you can gain from the Clan Capital

  • Capital Gold
  • Raid Medals
  • Reputation

How do I get Capital Gold?

The Forge

You can convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold. Raid Weekends

  • Destroying Buildings in Raids rewards you with Capital Gold.
  • Bigger Defenses and Buildings tend to give more Capital Gold.
  • If you are the player to 3-star a District, you get bonus Capital Gold for any Troops that weren’t destroyed. You get this bonus for deployed and undeployed Troops that are alive. You don’t get a bonus from unused Spells. One housing space of troops that are alive rewards you 1 Capital Gold.

Tip! If you feel like you can finish off a District, try to use as few troops as possible to maximize your Capital Gold bonus!

How do I get Raid Medals?

Raid Medals are gained from Raid Weekends and are awarded when the Raid Weekend ends. Everyone participating in the Raid Weekend gets the same amount of Raid Medals.

  • Completely destroying a District earns Raid Medals for all players participating in the Raid Weekend.
  • Destroying all Districts of an enemy Capital rewards everyone participating in the Raid Weekend with additional Raid Medals.
  • District Defenses that destroy attacking troops’ housing space earn extra Raid Medals.

How do I get a Reputation?

You gain a Reputation from Contributing to Buildings in the Capital. You can see your Reputation level in the top-left corner. Your player profile shows the total amount of Capital Gold you have contributed toward the Clan Capital.

What happens to rewards if I leave the Clan?

Capital Gold and Raid Medals

If you attacked in the Clans’ Raid Weekend, you will be entitled to the following rewards even after leaving the Clan:

  • The Capital Gold you looted in your attacks.
  • The Raid Medal bonuses for completely destroying enemy Districts, even if they were destroyed when you were no longer in the Clan.
  • The Raid Medal bonus for destroying all the Districts in an enemy Capital, even if you were no longer in the Clan when this happened.
  • The Raid Medal bonus for how well the Districts defended against enemies, even if you are no longer in the Clan when the Raid Weekend ends.

If you did not attack in a Clan’s Raid Weekend, you cannot get any rewards from the Raid Weekend.


If you change Clans or are kicked out, you get to keep your Reputation level and the statistic of how much Capital Gold you’ve spent in the Clan Capital.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why can’t I see the Airship/Forge?

A: To unlock the Clan Capital and all of its features, you:

  • Must be Town Hall 6 or above
  • Belong to a Clan
  • Your Clan must be XP level 2 or above

Q: What do I lose if I’ve Contributed to a Clan’s Capital but then leave the Clan

A: The resources you spent in the Capital can’t be claimed back. However, you get to keep your “Capital Contributions” statistic as well as your reputation level. You also get to keep any Capital Gold and Raid Medals that you have earned.

Raid Weekends

Q: Is it possible for a Clan to attack several Clans Capitals during a weekend?

A: Yes, it is. The only limit is the number of attacks each player has for the entire Weekend. Players have 5 attacks for the entire Raid Weekend, with a chance to gain one bonus attack from destroying a District completely.

Q: Can I attack in several Clans during a Raid Weekend?

A: No. It is not possible to participate in two Clans’ Raid Weekends at the same time. Once you attack in a Clan’s Raid Weekend, you can only attack in that Clans’ Raid Weekend.

Q: How does Raid Weekend matchmaking work?

A: Matchmaking tries to match two Capitals with similar Building levels.

Q: What does the message “Your Clan reached the maximum number of members in this Raid Weekend” mean?

A: Up to 50 players can participate in a Raid Weekend. Players reserve their slots in the Raid Weekend by attacking during the weekend. If 50 players have already attacked, then there is no more room to participate and this message is shown.

If regular members of the Clan can’t fit into Raids, it is worth closing the Clan for the duration of Raid Weekends to make sure no outsiders reserve slots by attacking during the weekend.

Q: What does the message “Failed to attack District” mean?

A: This usually means a temporary problem. Try attacking again after a little while.

Q: What happens to my Raid Weekend rewards if I change Clans or get kicked out while the Raid Weekend is ongoing?

A: Anyone who attacks during the Raid Weekend is eligible for all of the Raid Medal rewards that the Clan earns during that weekend, even if they’ve since left the Clan. You get to keep any Capital Gold you gained from your attacks. You get the Raid Medals once the Raid Weekend ends.

Q: Who gets the Raid Medal rewards from Raid Weekends?

A: Anyone who attacks during the Raid Weekend is eligible for all Raid Medal rewards. All Raid Medal rewards are distributed equally, which means that everyone gets the same amount of Raid Medals.

Q: How is the Capital Gold reward for clearing a District calculated?

A: When you are the player to clear a District, you receive bonus Capital Gold for any troops that are alive when the battle ends. You get 1 Capital Gold for every housing space of troops that are still alive, whether deployed or undeployed. Unused Spells do not affect this bonus.

Building the Capital

Q: How do I know what I should upgrade?

A: The Builder Menu shows you which Buildings have been contributed towards. This helps you Contribute to what others are Contributing. You can also ask in Clan Chat!

Q: Why can’t I change the location of a Building?

A: The Leader and Co-Leaders can modify District layouts. Layouts are modified in the Layout Editor.

Q: Does the Builder Potion affect Contributing to the Capital?

A: The Builder Potion only speeds up the Forge.

Q: How does the Builder Perk from Gold Pass affect Contributing to the Capital?

A: The Builder Perk only affects the resource requirements and crafting time requirements in the Forge.


Q: How does the Gold Pass Builder Perk affect the Forge?

A: The Builder Perk decreases the resource requirements and crafting time requirements for crafting Capital Gold. In other words, the Builder Perk makes crafting Capital Gold cheaper and faster.

Q: How does the Builder Potion affect the Forge?

A: It decreases the time needed to craft Capital Gold.

Q: Does the Builder Potion’s boost on the Forge pause with maintenance?

A: No. The Builder Potion keeps Builders crafting Capital Gold at a faster pace for you throughout the game maintenance.

The Trader

Q: Do all players see the same items on offer or is it different between players?

A: All players see the exact same items on offer at the Trader at all times.

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