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New WAY how to Fix Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet Ubuntu 2022

Ubuntu 2022 Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet (Quick Fix)

We have already provided a number of solutions for fixing DNS _probe issues on Windows 10, Apple Macbooks, and Android devices. This is a quick method to bring the internet connection back online on Linux and Ubuntu. DNS probe finished no internet. As stated in our earlier articles, this mistake is related to the domain name system and internet connection, more specifically the IP addresses of the servers that house the data that makes up a web element.

Ubuntu and Linux DNS probe ended with no internet: how to solve

However, since we have previously published a ton of material on that on our website, we won’t delve too deeply into the complex science of how DNS problems occur in this article. Visit our website specifically dedicated to similar Domain Name Systems problems to learn more. So without further ado, let’s begin.
The terminal console will open when you press CTRL + ALT + T.
Open the terminal, then enter the command “cd / etc” without the inverted commas.
Now a lengthy list of commands will appear. Select “sudo nano resolv.conf” from the scroll-up menu.
Use the mouse to select that command, then right-click.
Choose “Copy.”
Enter after pasting the command into the terminal.
If the terminal asks for it, enter your password.
Place the hashtag sign (#) directly before nameservers on the following screen.
The default value will become comments if a hash is added at the start, which the system will ignore.
To break a line, enter at the end of the nameserver address.
Now input the following command: is a nameserver.
Add this line once more: nameserver
Enter once again, and then on the keyboard, press Y to confirm.
Now, run the following command on the terminal to restart your network connection: restarting the service sudo network-manager

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the solution to DNS not responding on Windows 10 PS4 and how to solve DNS probing on Android
WiFi’s DNS nameservers will be changed during this procedure, and the network will be reset. A few seconds later, a notification reading “Connection Established” will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Simply launch a browser, type into the address bar, and the internet should be functional.


This is how we may use terminal commands to modify the DNS address and restart the connection to resolve the DNS probe ended no internet Ubuntu issue. Sometimes, the problem is brought on by a damaged internet cable, an expired network account, or a purposeful service provider cut to the connection. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with your Internet service provider and ask them to fix the connection if the issue still exists after taking the aforementioned actions.

Anyway, did this guide assist you in resolving DNS issues on a Linux or Ubuntu computer? If not, how did you come up with a solution? Tell us in the comments section so that our future readers can benefit from it and solve their own computer issues. Thank you.

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