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Difference of No Caller ID Vs Unknown Caller 2022-2023

Receiving many calls with No Caller ID can be inconvenient, especially if you are in the middle of something important, such as a business meeting or a client contact.

Or you could be in bed taking a wonderful nap when your phone suddenly rings, and you pick it up in a flurry only to discover no number on it.

In my case, I was expecting an interview call when I received a phone call from an unknown number. I raced to respond, assuming it was from the company where I had applied for the position.

When I answered the phone, I realized that telemarketers were attempting to persuade me to purchase a new insurance policy.

I was so irritated by this incident that I finally filtered all of the unknown calls I received on my phone.

However, there was one issue: I received calls with “No Caller ID” displayed on my phone at times and calls with “Unknown Caller” displayed at others.

Curious, I called my mobile operator’s customer service to learn the difference between such calls, and here’s what they had to say.

“If you receive a call with No Caller ID, it suggests the caller is attempting to conceal his phone number from you, whereas Unknown caller means your mobile operator has not deciphered the number.”

They also offered techniques to deal with anonymous callers, such as refusing calls, using third-party apps, and so on.

This article will explain the distinction between No Caller ID and Unknown ID, as well as several tried-and-true methods for dealing with such annoyances.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

If you receive phone calls with “No Caller ID,” it signifies that the person phoning you has purposefully chosen to conceal his phone number.

Is that even possible? Yes, the caller can hide his number while making a phone call using the “No Caller ID” feature available on some phones.

When you enable this feature, the network’s privacy flag is set to true, and the caller willfully hides his phone number from appearing on your phone.

What Does Unknown Caller Mean?


If you are receiving calls with the message “Unknown Caller” on your mobile screen, it is likely that your telecom operator was unable to decipher the number on their end.

Another frequent method for concealing your phone number is to dial *67 before the number you want to dial.

Unknown Caller vs. No Caller ID

So, what’s the distinction? You may be asking if “No Caller ID” and “Unknown Caller” are synonymous.

The truth is that, while they both achieve the same goal, there is one significant difference between the two.

As previously stated, “No Caller ID” refers to the caller’s decision to conceal his mobile number by utilizing a unique option available on his mobile phone.

“Unknown Caller,” on the other hand, refers to the inability of telecom firms to interpret the phone number on their end due to certain constraints.

Unmasking “No Caller ID” Calls

If you’re getting a lot of calls from masked numbers, don’t worry; third-party apps can show the incoming numbers.

“Trap Call” is one app that I have tried and tested and found to be successful against unknown calls.

Trap calls can assist you in removing the “Unknown Caller” ID by providing caller details such as phone number, name, and even address.

Another advantage of using Trap call is that it allows you to blacklist the number and prevent it from calling again.

Call your phone company.

You might also try contacting your phone carrier, which normally keeps logs of all incoming and outgoing calls made by your device.

Most phone companies provide Anonymous Caller ID Service, which ensures that a caller with an unknown ID would expose his phone number to the phone company in order to make a call.

However, you must first authorize this service by giving them with the date and time of the anonymous call with “Unknown Caller” or “No Caller ID,” as well as your name and address.

How to Turn Off “No Caller ID” on an iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can decline calls from an Unknown number or with No Caller ID by swiping on the red decline button.

If your iPhone is locked, hit the lock button twice to decline the calls.

Unwanted Calls Should Be Blocked

You can also alter your phone’s settings to block unsolicited calls. Here are the actions to take to avoid receiving anonymous phone calls on your mobile phone.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “Phone.”
  • Toggle “Silence Unknown Callers” to ON under the “Phone” option.
  • Open the “Dialer” app on your Android phone.
  • On the right-hand side of the app, tap the “Vertical Ellipsis” (three vertical dots)menu.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select “Block Numbers.”
  • Turn on “Block Unknown Callers.”

By making the modifications listed above to your mobile device, you can prevent anonymous callers from constantly contacting and bothering you.

Final Thoughts on Unknown Caller vs. No Caller ID

Interestingly, not all Unknown callers are bothersome; making phone calls via VoIP might sometimes result in the caller’s phone number being unavailable.

Unlike traditional landlines and wireless networks, VoIP makes phone calls through the internet, making it invisible to traditional telephony networks.

The majority of businesses and organizations utilize VoIP to save telephone costs. So the next time you receive a call from “Unknown Caller,” it may be from your office (tongue in cheek).

Trap Call is an excellent tool for blocking and blacklisting anonymous callers, however, it has limitations and cannot be used outside of the United States. Keep this in mind if you travel frequently.

However, third-party apps like Truecaller have shown to be efficient in blocking calls and identifying spam numbers.

Telemarketers are also known to hide their phone numbers in order to make cold calls more successfully and increase conversion rates.

However, if you feel threatened by frequent anonymous phone calls, I strongly advise you to contact your phone company or higher authorities to deal with this threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the absence of caller ID imply that you have them in your contacts?

No Caller ID indicates that the person phoning you has purposefully hidden his phone number, even if he is in your contacts.

Should I respond with no caller ID?

You can answer a “No caller ID” call if you like, but I strongly advise against it because the odds of being scammed are pretty high.

What if I respond to an unknown number?

There is always the possibility that the “Unknown number” is from another country. Answering such calls may result in costly carrier charges.

How do you return a call with no caller ID?

You can use third-party apps to identify the phone number and then call back, but you won’t be able to call back if the call is made using VoIP.

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