New All Nokia USB Driver for Windows PC (2022) free Download

Download Nokia USB Driver for Windows PC (2022)

Nokia USB Driver Nokia has re-entered the smartphone market thanks to the adoption of Android OS. Nokia phones have a stock Android-like user interface and do not require any special drivers to connect to a PC. However, Nokia drivers are required when connecting to other software such as PC Suite or Flash Tool. Nokia tools will not be able to recognize Nokia phones unless drivers are installed. As a result, we have the most recent Nokia USB Drivers available for download.

Nokia phones are highly popular these days, especially in the mid-range price segment, and it is also recognized for offering the most recent Android upgrades to qualified phones. However, if you do not receive updates on your phone, you can manually flash firmware, in which case you will require the Nokia USB driver.

The USB driver is vital in mobile phones because it serves as a bridge between two devices. To transfer files such as contacts, media files, documents, backups, and so on, you can use the Nokia USB driver to connect your Nokia phone to a computer. It also allows users to utilize the Nokia OST tool to flash stock firmware on Nokia phones. In essence, Nokia USB Driver serves as a bridge between a computer and a Nokia phone, or between two devices. The most recent drivers for your Nokia phone can be found in the download section.

ALL Nokia USB Driver Specifications

  • All Nokia Phones Are Supported – The driver supports all of the Nokia phones listed above. It enables the connection of Nokia phones to PCs or laptops.
  • Transfer Files – The Nokia USB Driver allows you to transfer files from your computer or laptop to your Nokia phone. It will aid in the transfer of data such as contacts, media, documents, and so on.
  • Detect Device on Flash Tool – In order for users to flash Stock Firmware on their phones, Nokia Flash Tool requires the Nokia USB Driver.

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Nokia USB Driver Download [Latest]

Device Download
Nokia 1 Nokia 1 USB Driver
Nokia 1 Plus Nokia 1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 1.3 Nokia 1.3 USB Driver
Nokia 1.4 Nokia 1.4 USB Driver
Nokia 2 Nokia 2 USB Driver
Nokia 2.1 Nokia 2.1 USB Driver
Nokia 2.2 Nokia 2.2 USB Driver
Nokia 2.3 Nokia 2.3 USB Driver
Nokia 2.4 Nokia 2.4 USB Driver
Nokia 3 Nokia 3 USB Driver
Nokia 3.1 Nokia 3.1 USB Driver
Nokia 3.1 Plus Nokia 3.1 USB Driver
Nokia 3.2 Nokia 3.2 USB Driver
Nokia 3.4 Nokia 3.4 USB Driver
Nokia 4.2 Nokia 4.2 USB Driver
Nokia 5 Nokia 5 USB Driver
Nokia 5.1 Nokia 5.1 USB Driver
Nokia 5.1 Plus Nokia 5.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 5.3 Nokia 5.3 USB Driver
Nokia 5.4 Nokia 5.4 USB Driver
Nokia 6 Nokia 6 USB Driver
Nokia 6.1 Nokia 6.1 USB Driver
Nokia 6.1 Plus Nokia 6.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 6.2 Nokia 6.2 USB Driver
Nokia 7 Nokia 7 USB Driver
Nokia 7 Plus Nokia 7 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 7.1 Nokia 7.1 USB Driver
Nokia 7.1 Plus Nokia 7.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 7.2 Nokia 7.2 USB Driver
Nokia 8 Nokia 8 USB Driver
Nokia 8 Sirocco Nokia 8 Sirocco USB Driver
Nokia 8.1 (X7) Nokia 8.1 USB Driver
Nokia 8.1 Plus Nokia 8.1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia 8.3 5G Nokia 8.3 5G USB Driver
Nokia 9 PureView Nokia 9 PureView USB Driver
Nokia C01 Plus Nokia C01 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C1 Nokia C1 USB Driver
Nokia C1 Plus Nokia C1 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C2 Nokia C2 USB Driver
Nokia C3 Nokia C3 USB Driver
Nokia C5 Nokia C5 USB Driver
Nokia C10 Nokia C10 USB Driver
Nokia C20 Nokia C20 USB Driver
Nokia C20 Plus Nokia C20 Plus USB Driver
Nokia C30 Nokia C30 USB Driver
Nokia G10 Nokia G10 USB Driver
Nokia G20 Nokia G20 USB Driver
Nokia G50 Nokia G50 USB Driver
Nokia G300 Nokia G300 USB Driver
Nokia T20 Nokia T20 USB Driver
Nokia X10 Nokia X10 USB Driver
Nokia X20 Nokia X20 USB Driver
Nokia X71 Nokia X71 USB Driver
Nokia X100 Nokia X100 USB Driver
Nokia XR20 Nokia XR20 USB Driver

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how to Installing the Nokia USB Driver on Windows

You may easily install the earlier version’s all-in-one Nokia USB Driver. However, the procedure for installing the most recent version is different. The current Nokia USB Driver does not include an executable file, thus you cannot install it manually. Follow the installation instructions below.

  • Download and install the Nokia USB Driver on your computer. If it has already been downloaded, copy it to your PC.
  • The downloaded Nokia USB Driver zip file should be extracted. Keep the extracted folder’s location in mind.
  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows icon (for Windows 10). You can open other windows by searching for Device Manager.
  • Check that Device Manager is open in full screen mode. Select Action > Legacy Hardware. If the Add option does not show, wait 1 minute and then click on Action again. USB Driver for Nokia
  • In the Add Hardware wizard, pick “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click Next > Next.
  • Install Nokia USB Driver
  • In the following tab, go to Have Disk > Browse and find the android winusb.inf file (It will be in the extracted Nokia USB Driver folder).
  • USB Driver for Nokia
  • Select the file and press the Open button.
  • Then select Next to begin installing the Nokia USB Driver. It will be installed on your computer in a matter of seconds.
  • You can now utilize any Nokia utility that requires the Nokia USB Driver, such as the Nokia
  • flash tool, PC Suite, or any other program. The Nokia USB Driver’s features are listed below.

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Check out the FAQ area if you have any questions.

Questions and Answers

How can I link my Nokia phone to my computer using a USB cable?

To connect a Nokia phone to a PC, install the Nokia USB driver on the same PC that you are connecting your Nokia phone to.

How do you install the Nokia USB driver on your computer?

The Nokia USB driver can be installed by adding it as legacy hardware. To begin, launch Device Manager on your PC, then pick Action > Add legacy hardware and then the android winusb.inf file.

Is a Nokia USB driver required to root my Nokia phone?

To root your Nokia phone, you will need a Nokia USB driver. You will also require another driver known as ADB & Fastboot drivers.

What is the Nokia USB driver for?

Nokia USB Driver connects Nokia phones to computers for a variety of applications such as flashing firmware, transferring files, and more.