Download Oxygen Forensic viewer v14.6 Latest Setup viewer Portable Free PC Driver Installer UpdatedĀ 

Oxygen Forensic viewer 14.6 Latest Setup Free Download PC Driver Installer UpdatedĀ 

Oxygen ForensicĀ® viewer is an all-in-one forensic software platform built to extract, decode, and analyze data from multiple digital sources: mobile and IoT devices, device backups, UICC and media cards, drones, and cloud services. Oxygen ForensicĀ® viewer can also find and extract a vast range of artifacts, system files as well as credentials from Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

The cutting edge and innovative technologies deployed in Oxygen ForensicĀ® viewer include, but are not limited to, bypassing screen locks, locating passwords to encrypted backups, extracting and parsing data from secure applications and uncovering deleted data.

Furthermore, multiple extractions can be investigated in a single interface to gain a complete picture of the data. By using the integrated industry-leading analytical tools to find social connections, build timelines, and categorize images, law enforcement, corporate investigators and other authorized personnel can help make this world a safer place.

Oxygen ForensicĀ® viewer is distributed in a USB dongle and is valid for a single user.

Recommended System Requirements:

  • IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7,
  • 32 GB DDR4,
  • 1TB SSD / HDD,
  • Nvidia Graphics,
  • Windows 10 64 bit.


Oxygen Forensic viewer 14.6 viewer Portable Latest Setup Free Download PC Driver Installer Updated

Features oxygen forensic viewer:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Indicates the complete set of evidence extracted from mobile devices, drones, cloud services,
  • computers, IoT devices, and other supported digital sources.
  • Provides rich data sorting and filtering capabilities in every section.
  • Offers the ability to search data as well as mark it as Key Evidence and set tags.
  • Exports all or selected data to various file formats for clear reporting.

Accounts and passwords

Decrypt passwords and authentication tokens to user accounts in social networks, messengers, and email apps. Reveal passwords that were used to connect to wi-fi networks

Advanced physical methods

Physical collection while bypassing device security.


Extract, decrypt, and examine user data from todayā€™s most popular apps.


The accounts and passwords section displays logins, passwords, and tokens extracted from mobile devices. The program decrypts credentials from the ios keychain and android keystore finds them in application databases and web forms. Investigators can find passwords and tokens to various applications.

Backup and image import

Import and pars various backups and images made from todayā€™s devices like ios, android, and more as well as import from other forensic tools like cellebrite and msab.


View dialed, answered, and failed calls including deleted ones. Apply filters to show calls only for a specific period of time

Cdr analysis

Process and analyze call data records obtained from wireless providers. Visualize geo coordinates on the map and identify links between callers

Cloud data

Gain access to cloud services like: whatsapp, telegram, icloud, google, samsung, microsoft, facebook, instagram, twitter, and many other social media cloud services.


Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more in different sources on the device.

Data reports

Customize and generate data reports in many formats like pdf, xls, rtf, xml, and html.

Data search

Powerful global search over a single device, multiple devices, or entire case.

Device information

View the detailed information about the device and its owner

Drone data

Extract and analyze drone data from physical dumps, drone logs, and mobile applications.

Encrypted backups and images import

Find passwords to encrypted backups and images by using various attacks and optimize the attacks to deliver unrivaled results in record speeds.

Facial categorization

Categorize human faces using the built-in facial recognition technology


Access a devices photos, audio and video files, databases, and other acquired evidence at the file-system level. View any file in a raw, hex mode, native view.



Extract and view geo coordinates from various sources: applications data, photo, and video exif headers, history of wi-fi connections, etc

Image categorization

Detect significant images including pornography, extremism, drugs, guns, etc with the built-in image categorization engine

Iot device support

Extract and analyze data from iot devices

Oxygen Forensic viewer 14.6 Latest Setup Free Download PC Driver Installer UpdatedĀ 

Key evidence

Mark important entries as key evidence in any program section and view them later in a single list

Keyword search

Create and use keyword lists to quickly find the relevant data during or after data extraction

Live data extraction

Extract data from mobile devices based on ios, android, windows phone, windows mobile, blackberry, bada os, or feature phones. Additionally, acquire device media and sim cards

Locations visualization

Open geo coordinates on the built-in maps, visualize userā€™s movements, determine his frequently visited places and find out if several people were at the same time at the same place


Gain access to sms, mms, email, and imessage communications and read them either in table or chats view

Optical character recognition

Automatically convert text on photos into machine-encoded text.

Oxygen Forensic viewer 14.6 Latest Setup Free Download PC Driver Installer UpdatedĀ 


Extract and recover usersā€™ calendars, notes, and tasks. Decode ios encrypted notes

Plist viewer

Open and examine. Plist files found in ios device extractions. Use converter panel to convert values into a readable format

Social graph

Explore social connections between the device owner and his contacts or between several devices by analyzing calls, messages, and app communication activities


Navigating the enormous amount of data efficiently has always been our development objective. To prove this point, we have introduced the statistics section that offers an overview of the entire extraction and allows the investigator to quickly identify sections of interest.

Sqlite viewer

Examine sqlite databases, recover deleted data, convert values, build sql queries, perform search and export selected entries to reports


View all events in a chronological order: chats, calls, voicemails, photos and videos history, wi-fi connections, geo files, and web cache

User data collection on computer

Collect credentials and passwords on computer using oxygen forensicĀ® keyscout

Webkit data

Parse userā€™s emails from webmail interface and content of visited webpages. Gain access to email messages, web search history, locations, and other data stored in webkit databases

Wireless connections

Find out when and where the device owner used internet access and gather information about frequent locations of ios users

Oxygen Forensic viewer 14.6 Latest Setup Free Download PC Driver Installer UpdatedĀ 

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