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PDF Majina Waliochaguliwa Ajira za Sensa – Names Selected Census Jobs In Tanzania

Angalia Majina Waliochaguliwa Ajira za Sensa mpya 2022 PDF Download Names Interviews
Angalia Majina Waliochaguliwa Ajira za Sensa mpya 2022 PDF Download Names Interviews

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PDF Majina Waliochaguliwa Ajira za Sensa – Names Selected Census Jobs In Tanzania

The Census Bureau is a primary source of data on the country and its inhabitants. It is a necessary tool for all government agencies, businesses, and individuals. The census provides an in-depth look at the country’s population, economy, and infrastructure. It also aids in identifying regions that require additional assistance and financing.


The census is taken every ten years, with the first taking place in 1911. The census includes questions about age, gender, race, and language. It also contains details about the country’s infrastructure and living circumstances. Census Jobs in 2022 Majina walioitwa ajira za sensa


Census data can be utilized to make significant decisions about the future of the country. It can be used to make decisions on how to allocate resources and prepare for the future, for example. It can also be used to make judgments about how to develop the infrastructure of the country.

Across the country, government institutions and groups conduct the census. Local governments, businesses, and individuals are among them. They gather data from a variety of sources, including interviews, surveys, and other data sources.

The census is a vital tool for all government agencies and groups around the country. It is a must-have tool for all enterprises and individuals who rely on census data to make significant commercial or personal decisions.

2022 Majina ya walimu walioajiriwa Names of teachers hired in Tanzania in 2022/2023

Preparations for the Population and Housing Census of 2022


The United Republic of Tanzania’s government intends to conduct a Population and Housing Census by August 2022. The Ministry of Finance and Planning, in partnership with the Office of the Chief Statistician of Zanzibar (OCGS), is planning to conduct the Census through the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The Population and Housing Census is a nationwide activity undertaken every ten years, with the most recent census held in the country in 2012. Thus, the Census of 2022 will be the country’s sixth after the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Other censuses were conducted in 1967, 1978, 1988, 2002, and 2012. Ajira za Sensa Majina walioitwa

The Importance of Population and Housing Censuses

A population and housing census is the process of gathering, analyzing, evaluating, publishing, and disseminating demographic, economic, and social data on all people and their settlements in a country over a specific time period. In other words, a census is an unique exercise designed to determine a country’s total population by age and gender, place of residence and educational status, employment status, birth status and mortality, and housing status. These basic data can match the genuine demands of citizens, including specific groups with special needs, such as individuals with disabilities, women, children, youth, and the elderly, supporting the establishment of policies and development plans based on need and environment. Sensa Majina ya waliochaguliwa 2022


Ajira za Sensa Majina walioitwa

The Importance of the Population and Housing Census in 2022

The following are the distinctive implications of the 2022 Population and Housing Census: –

To assist the government in gathering basic information that will aid in the implementation of the Vision for Development 2025, health and social reform, and monitoring of international development agendas;

Population data supports district authorities in the implementation of development plans that reflect the requirements of the people at the appropriate levels and aid in the allocation of resources.

At all levels, basic demographic, socioeconomic, and housing information is provided.

Allocation in the calculation of other metrics, such as individual GDP, GDP, employment and unemployment rates, and student enrolment rate;

Information that will allow the government to detect population increase by distribution and other vital environmental indicators; and

The foundation of good governance and democratic inclusion. Accurate Census data is required for effective constituency allocation and altering administrative borders in local administration. Majina walioitwa sensa ajira Census Positions in 2022

Sensa Majina ya waliochaguliwa 2022

Questionnaires for the Census

As with past censuses, the 2022 census will use two types of questionnaires. A long questionnaire will be used to interview 30% of census sites, while a short questionnaire will be utilized to interview 70% of census sites.

Institutional Questionnaire, designed primarily for travelers, those living in hotels or guesthouses, and those in the hospital; and

The Homeless Homepage Questionnaire is intended for all those living in informal settlements, building councils, bridges, and other sites.


Preparations for the Population and Housing Census of 2022
The population and housing census is carried out in three stages: the Pre-Census Period, the Census Period, and the Post-Census Period.

Prior to Counting People

Preparation of the Census Management and Implementation Strategy Manual and other documents, Demarcation of Census and Map Production Areas, Material Preparation (Questionnaires and Guidelines) are all part of the pre-census stage. Awareness, Experimental Census by August 29, 2021, one year before the actual Census; Create census committees; hold meetings with statistical stakeholders; make purchases, decide on the type of technology to be utilized, hire investigators and supervisors, distribute equipment; and prepare for the Census Assessment.


Period of Census

The census contains the most important and significant responsibilities in this census exercise.


After Counting People Period

Post-census activities include Census Reporting, Analysis, Preliminary Results Delivery, Final Results Dissemination, and Promotion of Statistics Use to Employees of Ministries, Departments, and Government Institutions.

The allotment of census sites, as well as the compilation of important census materials including as questionnaires, guidelines, and quality control forms, and the implementation of a pilot census, began in 2018.


The census preparations are currently in the following stages:
Prepare a Strategy for the Management and Implementation of the 2022 Population and Housing Census;

Areas are allocated in five districts of the Dodoma region: Bahi, Chamwino, Kondoa, and Chemba, as well as one Singida Regional District (Singida Urban).

Census sites are being assigned in the Singida region’s Manyoni district, Ikungi, and the Dodoma region’s Mpwapwa and Kongwa districts.

Conducting one study tour in Kenya with UNFPA sponsorship, where they recently performed a digital census and learnt how to use current technologies to conduct successful censuses. The adoption of this technology will help to lower the cost of conducting a census and shorten the time it takes to release census data.

Prepare a draft Census Questionnaire as well as other important documents such as instructional guidelines, census clerk guidelines, census supervisor guidelines, and regional and district census coordinator guidelines.


Questionnaires for the 2022 Census

The 2022 Population and Housing Census will include fourteen modules that will be used to collect data on individuals and their settlements across the country.

The following questions will be asked: –

Demographic data (age, gender, relationship status, marital status, citizenship, and so on);

Concerns about disability;

Information on Education;

Questions about mobility, as well as information about Tanzanians living abroad

Questions about national document ownership (NIDA IDs, Zanzibari residency, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license)

Economic pursuits

Land tenure and information technology

Reports of Maternity and Mortality within the household

Maternal mortality rate

Housing situation and ownership of various resources

Concerns about agriculture and livestock

Funds for social security.


Distinctions between the 2022 Census and earlier Censuses: –

The census in 2022 is planned to include new features such as;

Allocate census geographical regions and access to statistical information at the district and local levels, as well as having fixed boundaries at those levels.

Tablets are being used at all phases of census implementation to cut expenses.

Additional questions that will allow access to additional statistical data than the 2012 Census: –

Demographic information (first marriage age);

Disability questions (Headache, Spine Spine, Epilepsy / Epilepsy, Mbalanga / storiasis, and Autism Spectrum Disorder);

Mobility issues in accordance with the recommendations of the IOM (International Organization of Migration);

Questions about national document ownership (NIDA IDs, small business IDs, Zanzibar resident, passport, and driver’s license);

Economic activity improvements, including an increase in the number of households in the informal sector;

Land tenure and information technology

Statistics on housing (list, ownership status and type of home)

Concerns about agriculture and livestock



The Office expects to better organize itself using the limited resources available to complete all preliminary work on schedule, including: –

The task of allocating census sites at the local and local levels, which serves as the foundation for conducting a quality census.

Census document preparation;

Formation of task teams/units for the purpose of sharing duties; and

On August 29, 2021, a prototype Census will be conducted ( Majina walioitwa Ajira za Sensa )

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