Samsung super tool pro latest version 2021

Samsung super tool pro

Samsung Super Tool PRO latest version 2021 is a powerful tool for all Samsung devices Samsung Super Tool PRO 2019, the latest version of Samsung Super Tool PRO with Keygen. It also supports recent Samsung Android devices, here we also provide the driver on the Android USB platform.

What are the features of Samsung Super Tool pro?

  • Add Arabic-LAN
  • Enable Diag Mode
  • Add Data Icon
  • Disable Factory Mode
  • Read PIT
  • Reset FRP (EXYNOS)
  • Reset FRP (QCOM)
  • Reset FRP (SPD)
  • Reset FRP (ADB)
  • Reboot (Exit Download, Reboot Recovery, Reboot Download, Reboot)
  • Service Tool
  • EFS/NV Data
  • Read NV
  • Wipe NV
  • Write NV
  • Reset EFS
  • Read EFS
  • Write EFS
  • Reset MSL
  • EFS/NV Data (Method 2)
  • Read Security
  • Write Security
  • Wipe NV
  • Reset EFS
  • Read EFS
  • Write EFS
  • Reset FRP
  • Network Tool
  • IMEI Repair (IMEI1, IMEI2)
  • Restore IMEI Original (ROOT)
  • Enable Diag (Method 2)
  • Enable Hidden Menu (Method 1)
  • Enable Hidden Menu (Method 2)
  • Enable UART (Method 2)
  • Read Serial Number
  • Change Serial Number
  • Change WiFi Mac (ROOT)
  • Read WiFi Bluetooth
  • Fix Tool
  • Repair USSD Codes
  • Set Single SIM
  • Unlock Network Chine Telecom 1
  • Unlock Network Chine Telecom 2
  • Remove Sprint Apps
  • Remove T-Mobile Apps
  • Remove Verizon Apps
  • Remove ATT Apps
  • Fix MIPI at Combination
  • Set Dual SIM
  • Reset Samsung Account (Download Mode)
  • Add Arabic to Keyboard
  • Add Farsi to Keyboard
  • Remove RMM (ROOT)
  • Partitions
  • Restore IMEI Original (Download Mode)
  • Fix Show IMEI Root
  • WiFi Setting
  • Read WiFi Mac
  • Disable WiFi Power Saving Mode
  • Remove Screen Lock ADB (System UI)
  • Remove Screen Lock (Root)
  • Wipe EFS, Repair Security
  • Download Samsung Super Tool PRO 2021

    File Name: –Samsung Super Tool PRO.zip
    USB Driver

    How to install Samsung Super Tool PRO 2021

    • Download “King Tools v1.0 With Keygen.zip” first from below.
    • Then extract the downloaded files to your computer. Using Winrar or try 7Zip.
    • Once the extraction is done, open the extracted file folder.
    • There you will see the “2” file.
    • After that, run “Tools v1.0.exe”.
    • Then click Don’t Update.
    • Then your gadget will open.

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