Reset Password Steps Reset Password Steps

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This card gives you the steps needed to reset your password on Password Reset Processes

  • Click “Forgot Password” on login page
    Choose to reset your password in 1 of 3 ways: with SMS, with Email or using your security question (Only if you have already provided security questions)
  • Resetting via SMS or email will send you a unique URL & NOT a temporary password.
    When the you click on the unique link you will immediately be able to reset your password.
  • You will then be able to login with your new password.

We are experiencing high volumes so please wait at least an hour before for your SMS to come through.

If you do not have the same phone number or email that you registered with, you cannot reset
your password yourself and will need to phone the support line ( 0800 72 72 72).

For more information get attached PDF file Password Reset