Solution to fix Snapchat Tap to Load Not Loading Snaps : Stuck on the Tap to Load Screen 100%

Snapchat Tap to Load is always the first choice of youngsters that are looking for quick social media updates. Sending and receiving snaps is popular among users. They update regarding all the happenings in their lives via snaps. These snaps are like picture stories that stay for 24 hours. After the 24-hour window, it removes on its own. Sometimes users are not able to see the snap they receive on the app. They see a black screen that says tap to load the snap. Even after tapping, nothing displays on the screen. So, is there any way to fix this.?

Yes, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try to fix this issue. I have put them up in this guide. If you happen to be stuck on the tap to load the screen, then try these out. These are simple tweaks, and you will be losing no data in the process. Sometimes due to bugs or any issue in the memory, snaps may not load on Snapchat. It’s entirely fixable, and now we are going to see how.

Why does the Snapchat ‘Tap to Load’ error happen?

Snapchat Tap to Load

tap to load error on the Snapchat app
The tap to load problem in Snapchat is pretty annoying, but you are not alone that facing it. But why does it even happen?

Snapchat has a default functionality, which allows it to auto-download the snaps in your device as soon as any of your friends upload it. This will enable you to click on the snap, and it will be ready to view. But the Snapchat tap to load error does not allow the snap to be downloaded automatically, and you have to click on the load button to download it manually.

The issue is faced by almost all the users across various platforms such as Windows and Android and can be caused by various reasons.

Reasons for Snapchat Tap to Load Glitch

Some of the common reasons Snapchat shows the tap to load error include network issues, app loading problems, cache issues, and settings issues on your device. There is not a clear way to assess exactly which problem is causing the tap to load error on Snapchat for you. However, there are various methods to fix the Snapchat Tap to Load issue. You can try the methods listed below to analyze the issue and resolve the tap to load error in Snapchat.

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How to Fix: Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Let’s get started with the troubleshooting.

1. Try to Restart the Device

First, begin with simple troubleshooting. Try to reboot your device and then access Snapchat and see if the snaps are properly loading or not. Most of the time a simple restart will fix up glitches.

2. Check Internet Connection

One more important factor is the internet. Sometimes you may have enabled flight mode on your device. So, check for that. If it’s on, then disable it. Otherwise, if there is an issue with your internet connection, other apps won’t work, which depends on the internet.

So, either try to use an alternative network if available. Secondly, if you are on cellular data, then try switching to a stable WiFi network and access Snapchat through that. If internet issues persist, then contact your ISP and tell them to fix it up for you.

3. Turn Off Data Saver

This is another common mistake that users generally make that cause the Snapchat Tap to Load error. Data Saver function comes inbuilt in devices and can be turned on to save data when you don’t have enough of it or when you want to save battery. But turning it on often restricts the data used by various apps. If you have turned Data Saver on, your Snapchat tap to load error might result. To load content automatically in Snapchat again, you can turn off this feature by Setting -> Connection ->Data Saver and then selecting off.

Besides, if you are an Android user, you get an additional feature to turn the Data Saver on, but allow any app you want to have unrestricted access to data. So if you are running low on data or battery but still want Snapchat to download snaps automatically. You can Turn Data Saver on, and then go to Settings -> Apps -> Snapchat -> Mobile Data and then select “Allow app with Data Saver on.”

4. Turn off the Battery Saver Mode

If you have turned on the Battery Saver mode, then the chances are that you will face the Snapchat tap to load glitch in Snapchat. This is because data access is restricted for apps in this mode to save battery and to make it last as long as possible. To fix the tap to load error, you need to turn the Battery Saver mode off. To turn this off, you need to go to Setting -> Battery -> Power Mode or Battery Saver Mode and then turn it off.

5. Clear Cache of Snapchat

Sometimes due to downloading, uploading, and accessing a lot of files, many temporary files create clutter in the memory of the device. This, in turn, leads to issues like app crashes, content not loading, and lots of other issues. To fix it, the best way is to clear the cache of Snapchat.

Go to the Settings app.
Under Apps & notifications,> tap on See All Apps
Scroll down to Snapchat. Open it
Tap on Storage & Cache > tap on Clear cache
Snapchat cache clear to fix Snapchat snaps not loading issue
Close the Snapchat app
Relaunch it
Now, check if the snaps are loading or not.

6. Uninstall and Re-Install Snapchat if Snaps are not Loading

If every other troubleshoot I have described above is not working, then the best bet is to uninstall Snapchat and re-install it.

To uninstall, long-press the app icon > tap on Uninstall > confirm the action.
That should necessarily fix up when Snapchat is not loading snaps on your device. I hope that this guide was informative. Try it out; if you have any queries drop them in the comments section.

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