Tecno Spark 7 KF6I test point for fix mdm & jump to brom solution

Hello, today am going to talk about the Tecno spark 7 KF6I test point for fixing MDM & jump to Brom solution on unlocking tool or cm2 and another tool. If you are looking for the Tecno spark 7 KF6It point photo here you will get it from the download button below


What is the Tecno spark 7 KF6I test point file?

The test point is a photo that shows the way of ISP pinout that helps you to jump into Brom mode on any security patch all Latest and old

Tecno spark 7 KF6I test point
Tecno spark 7 KF6I test point
  • Test point requirements
  • Tweezers or copper wire
  • Pc or laptop
  • Sometimes can need your blower

Download the test point of Tecno spark 7 KF6I


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How To Flash Tecno spark 7 KF6I MDM file firmware

to flash this device or unlock MDM you must download all files given up for password you must contact the owner firmware via the contact info that he provides. This file support only in unlock tool

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