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Vodafone new hat file Ha Tunnel Plus Free Internet Trick 2022

Vodafone hat file Ha Tunnel Plus Free Internet Trick 2022 Scroll below to download the Vodafone New Zealand configuration files.

Here is another latest free browsing cheat for all South African people that are using the Vodacom network only, the EC tunnel VPN app work with the Vodacom network.
I hope this unlimited free browsing cheat will help you to override coronavirus boring time by surfing online and it’s not like HTTP injector VPN that you have to be looking for an HTTP injector config file for MTN every week.

I hope you know free browsing cheat are kind of difficult since early this year 2020 and why most of the network security was improved and this make free browsing cheat to be difficult to see.

After lots of research we discovered new free browsing cheat for Vodacom network only and this is available for South Africa people.

Vodacom free browsing cheat work with the help of EC tunnel VPN android app.
Note, EC tunnel VPN is new VPN that is used only for free browsing cheat.

 This EC tunnel app work  for some network in Nigeria but it’s free because you we need to buy social data plan on Airtel or 9mobile before you can have access to tweak the network for free browsing cheat.

 Hope you are living in South Africa and you are reading this awesome post?
If I’m right then let’s rock on this new free browsing cheat.
I’m going to explain step by step on how to setup this EC tunnel VPN browsing cheat app on your android phone in April 2020.

Some people guess maybe free browsing cheat are difficult to configure, but the case is not applicable to EC tunnel VPN app, everything on this app is straight forward to do. It’s just a click after installing the app on your android phone.
Before we talk on how to setup this working free browsing cheat, let’s talk on the requirement you need before you proceed.

Vodafone hat fle download link

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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