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New What Is A Trade Test? 2022/23

What Is A Trade Test? Individuals who specialize in trades or a specific artisanal activity are in high demand. It is crucial to note, however, that in order to be classed as a skilled tradesman, a person must meet specific criteria.

Working in a trade can be an appealing career option for South African youngsters. Tradesman positions can provide a constant stream of work as well as competitive pay. Tradespeople can also operate as independent contractors and be “their own bosses.”

Tradesmen include plumbers, electricians, welders, boilermakers, locksmiths, and pipefitters. Individuals must pass a trade test to be deemed, certified craftsmen.

What Is A Trade Test?

What Is A Trade Test? 2022/23
What Is A Trade Test? 2022/23

A trade test is the final summative assessment for individuals who are completing an artisan qualification for a listed trade. Trade tests can be completed at an accredited Trade Test Centre by an Assessor who is registered with the National Artisan Moderating Body.

A trade test is done once the individual has completed their chosen artisan course at a registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college or private service provider.

What Does A Trade Test Entail?

Individuals are evaluated based on the information, skills, and competencies they should have gained while learning their chosen trade. This knowledge and skill will be demonstrated theoretically and practically in a trade test.

If a person passes their trade test, they will acquire the certification required to be regarded as a qualified tradesman.

When Do You Need To Qualify For A Trade Test?

The Trade Test Regulations, 2014. Skills Development Act, 1998 stipulates all the qualifying criteria a candidate must meet before they can register for a trade test.

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