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What is rain 5g routeron to 4g location in 2022

rain 5g router on 4g location South Africa’s Rain to switch off 4G network for 5G users;- The Rain 5G Router from Rain Networks illuminates your Huawei CPE router. The quality of the 5G signal is influenced by the green and blue lights. They aren’t there to entice bo Tsotsi to come steal your outdoor router at night. You’ll be able to diagnose your internet speeds without having to call rain for help if you understand what they signify.

What is the meaning of Rain 5G Router Lights?

The lights on the Rain 5G Router indicate that the router is turned on and that services are operational. WiFI, 5G, and 4G are indicated by three LED lights on the router. When you turn on the router, all of the lights will be solid green. The WiFi light will remain steady when the router has done booting, indicating that WiFi is enabled on your router. If the WiFi light is turned off, WiFi has been turned off. On 5G, a steady green indicates a robust 5G signal in your vicinity. The 5G’s blue light indicates that the signal is poor and that it should be re-aligned. When the 4G light is green and the 5G light is off, it signifies you have 4G coverage.

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Before we confuse you with extensive sentences, let’s simply bullet these things and their differences.

  • WiFi Stable Green Light: This indicates that WiFi on the Rain 5G Router is operational. WiFi is disabled when the
  • light is turned off or not visible. You won’t be able to use the router’s WiFi to connect.
  • 5G Stable Green Light: This indicates a strong 5G signal.
  • The presence of a 5G blue light indicates that your 5G signal is weak and that it has to be re-aligned.
  • 5G Off Light: This indicates that your 5G signal is very weak. Check to see if your location has 5G coverage.
  • 4G Green Light: This indicates that the router is linked to 4G coverage.

rain 5g routeron 4g location


Rain, a fixed wireless access (FWA) provider in South Africa, is reportedly preparing to turn off 4G network capabilities on its 5G bundles in the near future.

Rain did not make the announcement directly, but a reader of the South African technology website MyBroadband did. A customer service representative had informed the reader that 4G connectivity would soon be unavailable on his 5G plan.

This could be due to Rain’s 5G customers in Johannesburg and Pretoria switching from a non-standalone (NSA) to a standalone (SA) 5G network recently.

To provide higher speed and data bandwidth, non-standalone 5G uses 4G or LTE connections in addition to 5G. There is no 4G connection in standalone 5G networks because all traffic from the 5G client is transmitted across the 5G network.

It had been stated that in the event of problems with Rain’s 5G towers, consumers will be able to use the 4G network as a fallback alternative. Rain’s towers, on the other hand, have been upgraded to reduce the likelihood of outage. The ability of customers’ 5G routers to connect to 4G is likely to be blocked in the coming months.

Rain, a mobile-data-only operator, was one of the service providers that took advantage of the temporary spectrum provided by the regulator ICASA to accommodate increasing demand during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown, as we reported in July.

Late last year, Rain had already launched a 5G wireless data network in some areas of Johannesburg and Tshwane, presumably using its existing 4G data networking infrastructure.

The exact date for the auction of 5G spectrum in South Africa has not yet been set, although it is scheduled to take place around the end of March, as we revealed roughly six weeks ago.

New 5G Indoor Routers – Updated content

Rain has been supplying numerous types of routers from their initial Huawei routers, which we are all familiar with, until lately. As a result, the meaning of the lights above may not apply to new customers who are not utilizing Huawei 5G routers. Oppo and Zyxel’s new 5G routers, which come with new 5G signups, feature different lights from Huawei’s routers. The lights on these new routers are White, Yellow, and Red. On your 5G connection, the White lights indicate an excellent signal, Yellow indicates a fair or moderate signal, and Red indicates a bad signal. When the 5G indicator on these new routers turns red, it signifies there’s a problem with the connection. If you have internet access, If you do have access to the internet, it will be slow. Please turn off your router and move it to a new position before rebooting it. If your router is still stuck on the red light despite having line of sight to the tower, you should request a router replacement. Take a look at this article first: Rain New Oppo 5G Router Stuck on Red Light.

It will be simple to diagnose your router now that you know what the lights on your Rain free-to-use router represent.

The Local IT Guy is on a mission to ensure that Rain customers get the most out of their 5G services. Residential and business rain customers in Johannesburg and Pretoria can benefit from our low-cost outdoor installation services. We provide a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Call 082 670 3622 or contact [email protected] for a quick support chat. After purchasing a Rain 5G unlimited plan, you may request installation services and choose your package here.

When Rain takes a long time to respond or handle a technical issue for you. At a cost of R750 per visit, the Local IT Guy can attend to your Rain Support Callout.

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