World War Z: Aftermath, 2023 Release Date

World War Z: Aftermath.

World War Z: Aftermath is the extended edition of the 2019 game World War Z, released for eighth and ninth-generation consoles.

The game adds new locations, weapons, and technical improvements to the main game. It was developed by Saber Interactive studio.

Release date of World War Z: Aftermath 2023

January 24, 2023: PS5, XSX
Developer: Saber Interactive Publisher: Saber Interactive Official Site
Similar to the original, Aftermath’s storyline is largely pretextual and serves primarily as a backdrop to the gameplay.

We take control of several groups of survivors trying to survive during the zombie apocalypse. The campaign is divided into several chapters, each featuring a different scenario. The game world is based on the 2013 film World War Z



Aftermath’s gameplay is based on the gameplay of the original game, although it is much more expansive. The game is a shooter focused on cooperative combat and PvE.

The player chooses one of the available character classes with different abilities, completes quests, gains experience, and fights against hordes of undead. The game’s most original element is the massive amounts of zombies that we’ll have to face. Unlike other shooters of this type, the player can build barricades and fortifications to defend against enemies.

Aftermath adds two new locations to the game – Kamchatka and Rome. It also introduces a new character class, the Vanguard, who can blast through hordes of enemies using an electrified shield. The game overhauls melee combat and adds new weapons, cosmetic items, and enemy types to the game. The biggest change is the ability to switch between the first and third-person views.

game modes.

World War Z: Aftermath includes a cooperative campaign made up of several separate scenarios, in which up to four players can participate. There is also the option to play alone, with three computer-controlled companions. The game also features several competitive multiplayer modes, in which two teams fight each other while defending against hordes of zombies that attack everyone without exception.

The ninth-generation PC and console versions also feature a unique extra mode called Horde XL , in which multiple players take on giant groups of the undead.

technical aspects

The biggest technical improvements can be seen in the ninth-generation PC and console versions. On these platforms, the game runs in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. There is also cross-play functionality included.