{free download }Xsoft FRP unlock Tool Free PC | FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022

Xsoft FRP Unlock Tool is a one-click unlock tool for PC which you can use to unlock FRP, remove screen lock, unlock pattern, read gesture locks, write security file, fix wifi problem, on Samsung and any other Android phones quite easily.

Xsoft FRP unlock Tool Free PC | FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022

Setup Use Xsoft FRP is a public computer unlock tool, run a driver or download a driver, download or download a driver or download the FRP driver easily from your device. First make sure that the proper USB software is running to be a buffer against any error.

If you face FRP protection issue on your phone, then let me clear, fix the phone without Google account verification. : that Android has updated it. Nice FRP Unlock tool on PC to get rid of FRP problem. Follow these steps on how to use FRP Unlock Tool to bypass FRP lock from any Android phone.

Download Xsoft FRP Unlock Tool for PC

Check below, to see which Windows version can easily support this unlock tool, also download FRP Unlock tool for PC easily,

File Name: Xsoft FRP Unlock tools.zip
File Size: 80MB
Compatible OS: Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit)
Credit: Renas Khalil
Download: FRP Tools.zip

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Setup FRP Tool:

Download & extract the Xsoft FRP Tool v2.2.1 to your computer.

Then open the extracted folder and run xsoft FRP tool.exe

Xsoft FRP unlock Tool Free PC | FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022

  • Then click Next to start the FRP unlock tool installation process.
  • Click Agree to accept the terms and agreements.

FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022

  • Now click Install to install the tool on your computer.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

  • Then click Finish to close the installation setup.
  • That is all.


How to use FRP Unlock Tool for PC to remove FRP lock

  • Launch the FRP tool from the desktop shortcut.
  • Select the Chipset tab according to your Android device.

Xsoft FRP unlock Tool Free PC | FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022

Qualcomm unlock options:

  • If you want to choose a custom loader, select the C Loader option.
  • Else, select Loader from the pull-down menu.
  • Now select your device and model.
  • Choose the mode: Fastboot, EDL, ADB.
  • General: read info, remove FRP, factory reset [safe], factory reset [user + cache], remove user locks [4.x 5.x 6.x], remove user locks [boot method], read Pattern lock, remove pattern lock.
  • Other options: flash tool, partitions, network.
  • Network: Wipe Security, Wipe Security Xiaomi [TWRP], Read Security, Write Security.

  • EMMC Unlock Options

  • General options:
  • Read info, FRP reset, Factory reset [safe], Factory reset [user + cache], Read lock gesture, Reset screen lock, Read,
  • write, Wipe security.
  • Other options: partitions, Xiaomi.
  • Xiaomi: FRP + Mi Account Opening
  • remove MI . account
  • remove FRP

  • Samsung Unlock Options:

  • general:
  • Read info, remove screen lock (root), S-health Knox Fix, Samsung Account Bypass, WI-FI Fix, set SIM number, fix MIPI, remove security notification, remove screen lock (system user interface), enable Diag mode, enable data icon, enable hidden menu Sprint Enable Dual SIM Counting Fix “Device Restricted”.

  • network:
  • IMEI repair, debug certificate
  • Restore the original IMEI
  • Type EFS, Read EFS,
  • Read NV data and write NV data
  • Write SEC, read SEC,
  • Android options:

General options:
Read info, ADB FRP Bypass, Sideload Magisk 20.1 Install, Install Magisk Manager 7.4.0, Sideload Super Su install, Install SuperSU v2.82 Apk, Hidden Language Enable (Root & No Root), (Root & No Root) remove lock screen .
Other options: APK Manager, Sideload Zip File Flash.

Xsoft FRP unlock Tool Free PC | FRP Remove New One Click Tool 2021-2022