now unlock your huawei modem device fastest anywhere you live by remote/internet
and use any sim card after unlock it


  • Download Huawei_E5573Bs-320-UNLOCK-by-anonyshu.rar on link end
  • Extract(unzip) Huawei_E5573Bs-320-UNLOCK-by-anonyshu.rar
  • Extract(unzip) Balong_USB_Downloader_1.0.1.10 (1).7z
  • Now run Balong_USB_Downloader_1.0.1.10 .exe
  • Now back cover leave the bettery inside and remove 6 screws an open the front of the devices
  • Then you need to shot motherboard with tweezer or any wire copper in order to get bootloader.look at the test point-1 picture below to know how to shot matherbord

test point-1

  • Click on 1 Detect button you will see
  • Click on 3 dots button then find and select usbloaderE5573s.bin then click on Load button and wait for complete flash
  • Shot again motherboad click agin 1Detect button, click on 3 dots button then find and select usblsafe-5573bs.bin click load button now wait for flash complete
  • Extract(unzip) Huawei_E5573bs-320_Firmware_21. and Run P711s-E5_Update_21. then click on start button wait for flashing process complete then click finish button dont disconnect usb
  • Now extract(unzip) Huawei_E5573Bs-320_Firmware_21. after extract(unzip) Run E5573_Update_21. click start button wait for flashing complete after complete click finish button
  • Extract(unzip) E5573Bs-320_Update_WEBUI_17., Run E5573Bs-320_Update_WEBUI_17. click on start button now wait for flashing process complete remember dont disconnect usb while you flashing .
  • After complete all flashing process you will be unlocked your huawei e5573bs-320 but the imei number it will be 0000000000000000 so you will be needed to fix by dc-unlocker2client.exe then you need to get a imei of your device. to get imei leave a  cover and battery you will see it 
  • After get imei put the any sim card in your device put a battery power on device then  run  dc-unlocker2client.exe click on search icon button Now type your ime on imei writte code(at^cimei=”354176109748XXX”) then copy and pay on dc-unlocker2client then click enter you will get message which say (ok)
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