iPwnder v1.1 Free tool For Windows Download Coded By Gautam Great

iPwnder v1.1 For Windows Coded By Gautam Great Free Download iPwnder v1.1 for windows new tool put your device into Pwned Dfu mode You can easily put your device into PwnDfu mode on a Windows PC using the new tool iPwnder v1.1. Simply boot your device into DFU mode and let the iPwnder do the rest. It’s an incredible tool for Windows users. This tool only works with checm8 devices, which means the A9, A10, and A11 ship sets.

Download iPwnder v1.1 Link

Download iPwnder v1.1

Free ipwnder tool v1.1 latest version

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Developed by GautamGreat

FIXED ISSUE WITH 6S iPwnder for Windows free for all?
tested device iPhone 7, iPhone XNote: If you’ve not installed UsbDk install it first from here. https://github.com/daynix/UsbDk/releases/tag/v1.00-22

iPwnder For windows tool

iPwnder for windows:
Download iPwnder_v1.1 from here: Install on windows
You might need also USBDK drives you can download here and install.
Now all set, just connect your device into DFU mode and press run iPwnder

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