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New Airtel RCCG Plan 2023 free How To Migrate & Benefits (CUG)

Airtel RCCG Plan 2023 – How To Migrate & Benefits (CUG)

This essay is about the Airtel RCCG Plan, which allows subscribers to make low-cost calls. Yes, picture having 40 minutes of uninterrupted call time for only N100. Many people are still surprised by the www.ng.airtel.com rccg.

I posted a few Airtel tariff plan codes a few weeks back, and since then, folks have been requesting for the Airtel rccg tariff plan migration code.

As a result, I decided to write a separate piece on it. Yes, the information in this post will teach you everything you need to know about the RCCG Plan.

www.ng.airtel.com – Airtel RCCG Plan

RCCG is a plan that allows Airtel customers to make calls for a longer period of time. A simple example is a 40-minute call for as little as 100 Naira recharge on your line.

Yes, the RCCG plan grants you unlimited access to make 40-minute calls for N100 each recharge.

However, not everyone is aware of the Airtel RCCG holding plan code; it is still unpopular.

There is also a bundle that allows small and large businesses, police officers, and employees to communicate via phone calls at nearly no cost.


The plan is called the Airtel CUG Plan, which stands for Close User Group or You and Me. All you need is a N700 monthly subscription to get started.

Airtel’s RCCG plan is majorly for callers. That’s said, if you’re a heavy internet user, see the Airtel tariff plan that gives bonus here…


Scroll slowly to find out more about the RCCG sim benefits and migration codes.

How to Migrate to the RCCG Plan

Here’s how to activate your Airtel rccg plan. To make this feasible, make sure you follow the easy recommendations exactly.

  • To begin, head to the nearest Airtel Service Center.
  • Second, make a New SIM Registration request (with the RCCG package as default).
  • Finally, you must register and activate your new RCCG SIM card.
  • Finally, dial *121*2*5# to ensure you’re on the RCCG plan. After that, recharge your line for as
  • little as N100 and begin enjoying the bonus with each recharge.
  • Those of you who were looking for the Airtel rccg migration code now have an answer or a
  • viable solution.

To subscribe to the RCCG plan, use the short USSD code below:

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To purchase the RCCG monthly package, phone *276*200#. It simply costs N700.
You can also contact *276# to find out what’s in store for you.

The Advantages of the Airtel RCCG Plan

The following are the airtel rccg benefits for those who are interested in learning more about this plan:

  • Long hours necessitate cheap costs. See the examples below.
  • Only N100 is charged for 40 minutes.
  • Only N200 is required for 80 minutes.
  • N300 is the only option for a 120-minute call.
  • N400 and more are required for 160 minutes…
  • Benefits are what you and I refer to.
  • Every recharge comes with a free bonus.
  • The Closed User Group (CUG) monthly subscription is only available for the N700.

How to Examine an RCCG Plan

Dial *123# from your dialer app. You’ll see a pop-up notification and receive an immediate message from Airtel.

How Do I Recharge My Airtel RCCG?

Are you looking for the Airtel rccg recharge code as well? To recharge your RCCG sim, use the following shortcodes:

Dial *126*Recharge PIN# to get started. For example, if the PIN on the recharge card or printed slip is 1234 5678 9012 3456, you can recharge the rccg sim by dialing *123*1234567890123456#.

or enter *126*1*Recharge PIN#

After recharging your line in any way, dial *234*amount# to receive the free bonus on the RCCG plan.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the RCCG Plan

The following are the most frequently asked questions concerning the Airtel rccg plan. To get solutions to your questions, read slowly. If you don’t see a related question, please ask it in the comments box below and you’ll get an answer in a few minutes.

How Do I Switch To Airtel’s RCCG Plan?
Go to your local Airtel service center, register for a new sim card, and ask the registrar or agent to activate your RCCG sim.

How Do I Activate My Airtel RCCG Plan, Please?
This response is provided in the post. Scroll up to find the activation code.

How Do I Switch To Airtel’s RCCG Plan?
Purchase, register, and activate your new RCCG sim card.

What Is The RCCG CUG Code For Airtel?
Also, see Airtel 300 For 1.5GB 7 Days Code 2022.
*276*200# is the CUG subscription code.

How Do I Switch To A Polcom Plan On Airtel?
Here’s how to switch to an Airtel Polcom plan:

To subscribe to the monthly plan, dial *222*700# on your phone. It costs N700 and has a validity period of 30 days.

Dial *221*1# to confirm the validity.

Find Out How To Add Family And Friends To Airtel SmartConnect.

Have You Moved?
I trust you understand how the Airtel RCCG plan works at this moment. This post is now live. Make a note to bookmark it so you don’t miss out on fresh updates.

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So, tell us in the comments whether you’ve switched to the RCCG plan.

Do you have any problems implementing the rccg plan code?

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