DC Unlocker 2 Client cracked Full Version | FREE DC Unlocker Crack Download (Username and Password)

DC Unlocker Crack Download FREE (Username and Password)

DC Unlocker Crack 1.00.1436 + Keygen Latest (2023). UAB Digitek, which is a Lithuanian company, has developed DC-Unlocker Modem Unlocking Tool. DC Unlocker Dongle is a pen-drive-like device. This dongle can be attached to the USB port of your computer to unlock data cards. This dongle can also be used to unlock routers and modems from the manufacturer.

DC-Unlocker cracked

This software is unique and can unlock the bootloader, generate code, unlock data cards, reset lock counter, and many other functions. This tool can also be used to unlock modems and routers on various devices.

The tool supports many Android smartphones and tablets. These include Huawei, Honor and LG, Pantech, ZTE, and others. Some of these include Huawei, Netgear and Sierra Wireless, Gemtek and ZTE, Micromax Nokia, Novatel, Option and Pantech.

The company recommends that you use a dongle to unlock more data cards than 10. To download DC Unlocker credit, visit their official website. The company offers tutorials on YouTube that can unlock devices.

DC Unlocker Crack Download FREE (Username and Password)

DC Unlocker Username and

How to crack DC Unlocker

Download-DC-Unlocker-2-ClientThe tool has a simple interface that makes it easy to unlock. To log in, you will need a username and a password. There are two options. Attach the DC-unlocker dongle first to your computer.

Enter your Dongle login details to activate your device as a premium client. A dongle is highly recommended for professionals and service center workers.

You can also log in using the DC Unlocker username or password. The official website can provide your username and password. All you have to do in order to purchase credits is to download the software.

Next, install the software and launch it on your computer. It is important to run the software as administrator. Click on the Buy Credits option from the main UI.

After you have received the password and login id, select the device model you wish to unlock and then click on the unlock button. The unlock process is automatically initiated by the tool.

Be patient and wait. The unlocking process is completed in about 15-60 seconds. This is the best tool to unlock USB modems and routers or bootloaders. 

The company recently launched an updated DC Unlocker 2 client 1..00.460 version that offers many advanced features to unlock Huawei’s bootloader.¬†The modem unlocker tool for the latest version of modems can read unlock codes and auto-enter the modem.

You can also read firmware code, create¬†unlock codes by IMEI, generate firmware code via IMEI, and even lock the bootloader.¬†Live support is available for up to 24 hours.¬†You can contact them via their website’s contact section.

How to activate DC Unlocker

The following links are available for all modem unlocker software. This software can be installed on Windows PCs and will flash the dc unlocker crack 2019 automatically. This is the cracked full version.

Therefore, you won’t need a separate username and password.¬†It is also a good idea to disable security-related programs such as Antivirus or Firewalls, as they could interrupt the process.

DC-Unlocker features

  • The world’s first universal unlocking program
  • In less than a minute, unlock any device
  • You will need a standard USB cable
  • Regular updates
  • It takes less time to unlock any device
    • Weekly new devices are added
    • Any connected device is automatically detected
    • Simple, easy instructions
    • Clear UI without any complications
    • Requires no special cable or adapter


UPDATE 08/03/2022: Passwords and usernames no longer work. We are currently working to update. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Note¬†There have been rumors that developers are creating the APK file to unlock Android phones’ dc keys.¬†It isn’t confirmed yet.¬†You can still follow this guide to unlock your bootloader on any Honor or Huawei smartphone.¬†If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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