Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG ROM free download

Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG ROM

Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG ROM ‘A zombie pandemic has brought civilization to its knees in an apocalyptic 1986. You play Randall Wayne, a parent seeking for his family in Seattle’s ravaged streets. You’ll come across numerous life-threatening scenarios, but confrontation isn’t always the best option. Fight back with restricted resources or hide and sneak past them using the surroundings.

Overview Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG 

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, featuring enhanced gameplay, controls, and new game modes.

Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG
Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4 PKG
  • Fight or flee from zombie confrontations in stressful combat and platforming • Discover Randall’s family’s fate as he searches Seattle
  •  Full 1080p with improved controls and animations
  • Survive the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode and the ‘Nightmare’ difficulty option for the first time on the console. Use new weapons and tactics to defeat hordes of zombies while ranking high on online leaderboards.
Developer Tequila Works
Publisher Microsoft Studios, Deep Silver
Series Deadlight
Game Name Deadlight
Platform PlayStation 4
Game Format EUR – CUSA04434 [PKG Format]
Size 4.5GB
Update Yes
Release Date October 25, 2012
License Yes
Genre Sidescroller, Cinematic platformer, Survival horror
Mode Single-player

A slingshot is also available to the player. However, this cannot be used in battle and must instead be used to solve riddles. There are just a few instances in the game where the battle is unavoidable, and for the most part. The emphasis remains on keeping a strategic distance from and outwitting Shadows. The “taunt” inclusion is one method for accomplishing this. This allows Wayne to attract Shadows to their demise by calling to them and leading them into ecological dangers such as gorges or exposed electrical.

Firmware requirements: 5.05 or higher

Deadlight Director’s Cut v1 (CUSA04434 – EUR – PKG) download