Free download MFC 4 in1 Suite V3.9 Installer compatiable for mfc dongle | IREWORK and iPOWER X devices

MFC 4 in1 Suite V3.9 Installer Free Download

MFC Dongle (full set) is a professional tool for iPhone / iPad / iPod / Apple Watch. Also, it allows you to remove pin lock for Samsung and HTC devices.


General Features

iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, MacBook
  • Read general information
  • Enter Purple / Diagnostic mode and data change via USB cable or DCSD cable (beta)
  • iPhone 7 – X
  • iPad – some models require using Arduino USB host shield
  • Apple Watch S3 – iBUS S2 Activation Required
  • Restore / Update / Custom Flashing IPSW
  • Automatic iOS version detection (even in disabled or untrust mode)
  • Service many devices at the same time
  • Real-time logs
  • Button testing in Debug Mode
  • Activate / Deactivate iOS device via USB cable
  • Install iOS Apps from .ipa package
  • Manage user’s / system and archived Apps
  • Update / Install / Uninstall / Backup Apps
  • Repair / Update / Restore Apple Watch using iBus Tools (S6 in beta)
  • Change iOS device mode via USB cable
  • Bypass iPhone 4 iCloud Account in one click
  • Recovery iCloud Data on iOS up to v.13.5
  • Read Restrictions Passcode (iPR*)
  • Diagnostics check via USB cable
  • Time setting via USB cable (beta)
  • Restore permanently disabled device – iOS 7. x
  • Decode screen passcode (4 digits) – iOS 7.x
  • iOS 8.0 – 8.11 – if a device is temporarily disabled / not disabled yet
  • MacBook – all models via EFI Boot Mode
  • MacBook – all models – decode iCloud PIN

*What is iPR function?

iPR allows you to obtain access to iCloud data recovery (iCloud Passcode, etc.). This feature works with accessible iOS devices only! It means you can access information on the device which is operational. Jailbreak on iOS devices is not required.
  • Jailbreak (OpenSSH required – iOS 6.0 – 13.x)
  1. Read 4 digit passcode (many devices at the same time)
  2. Check jailbreak status
  3. Detect SSH data via USB cable
  4. Fast brute-force SSH passcode
  5. Open SSH Tunnel in one click
  6. Read / Delete iCloud Account in one click
  7. Change iPhone general / About info (model, color, etc)
  8. Hide / Show App icon
  9. Backup info
  • Samsung
– Remove 4 digit Pin Lock on Android v.4.3+ devices
  • HTC
– Remove 4 digit Pin Lock on Android v.4.3+ devices

Changelog !!!

We’re proud to announce the release of MFC Dongle 1.0.3, This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software.

What’s new for MFC Dongle Version 1.0.3?

  • Add MFCDL tools Version 1.0 for online upgrade
  • Add Apple iPhone Manual method for IOS 7.x
  • Add Apple iPhone Auto method for IOS 7.x
  • Improved for Samsung Android V4.3+
  • Report bugs fixed

Upgrading to new Versions:

  • We encourage all customers to upgrade to this latest version 1.0.3. The downloaded version of the software is available now, You can using the MFCDL Tools to upgrading to latest version.

This only for personal study and research purposes, please do not used for commercial purposes, do not do anything illegal things, otherwise you need take all responsibility.

How watch device diagnostic free by mfc software?

  • To use this function, you must have a valid membership

Hardware requirements (Any of the following product combinations are supported and must be activated on to obtain valid membership, )

  • iMFC + iBUS
  • iREWORK + iBUS
  • iPOWER X + iBUS

Windows System / Software requirements

  • Windows 10 64bit (Recommend intel CPU,AMD have bug )
  • MFC Software > = V3.7
  • iTunes > = Version (Not required if you knew install the driver manually)

How is work ?

  1. Put device into DFU mode and connect to mfc software via iBUS (Cable can be lightning USB or DCSD)
  2. Select connecting device, go to Diag tab press “Load Diag” button and waiting for the diagnostic process to complete automatically
  3. Once done you can choose read & Write function as needed

Download mfcdl link

download link