Hisense H60 Lite/zoom mdm Payjoy Lock Remove file firmware

Hisense H60 Lite payjoy mdm unlock-remove permanently

download for free Hisense H60 Lite security plugin on firmware flash file and Hisense H60 Lite MDM unlock firmware flash file stock ROM here Free Download Hisense H60 zoom firmware flash file Free download Hisense H60 zoom flash file Free download Hisense H60 Lite MDM firmware flash file You can easily Download the Hisense H60 zoom MDM flash file (factory signed and tested) ). It is exclusively available to all visitors to anonyshu.com Hisense H60 Lite da file. Do you want to update the firmware file of your Mobicel Dandy? You are in the right place. On this page, we will share the official Hisense H60 Lite  flash files with a firmware installation guide.

FEATURES Hisense H60 Lite/zoom MDM remove/unlock firmware

  • Hisense H60 Lite MDM remove/unlock firmware security pluggin on to off permanently
  • Hisense H60 Lite payjoy/SUN KING/easybuy unlock-remove permanently
  • Hisense H60 Lite SUN KING/easybuy Africa device yellow lock unlock/remove solution firmware tested 2022
  • Hisense H60 Lite sun king Africa device lock unlock/remove solution firmware tested 2022


Advantage Hisense H60 Lite mdm flash file

Hisense H60 Lite mdm Payjoy Lock Remove file firmware
Hisense H60 zoom mdm Payjoy Lock Remove file firmware

Hi! We make this firmware available in this store to solve problems with your device, before buying know that this firmware is for:

  • Remove Problems from Logo Fix ( Hisense H60 Lite);
  • Remove Privacy Protection Code;
  • Solve Device Software Problems;
  • Update the Device to the latest version;
  • Reset¬†the Device to Factory Origins;
  • Remove Google Account;
  • Solve slow cell processing issues;
  • Remove password, Pin, Password, or Default;
  • remove security plugin app;


  • Contact me to get the Hisense H60 Lite solution file by
  • WhatsApp: +255752780452
  • Telegram: @anonyshu
  • Skype: Anonyshu
  • Instagram: Anonyshu
  • Facebook: Anonyshu

Things You Need

  • Charge your device:¬†Before you proceed with the below information, you are recommended to ensure that your Hisense H60 Lite is at least 50% charged.
  • PC or Laptop:¬†To carry out this Stock Rom Firmware installation, you need a PC or Laptop.
  • Take Device Backup:¬†The very first thing you need to do is make¬†a backup.
  • Smart Phone Flash Tool¬†Download
  • Install the Latest Driver USB Drivers
  • Download:¬†Download the above-required files on your PC.

Hisense H60 zoom MDM remove firmware flash file link


How To Flash Hisense H60 Lite firmware

These are possible instructions and should be followed by someone who can correct any errors that occurred during the flash process. We are not responsible for damage to your device.
NOTE: Your device must have at least 40-50% battery power to perform the flash process. 
  1. Download and install Driver Mediatek on your computer. If the driver is already installed, skip this step;
  2. Download the Stock ROM/Firmware you purchased from this store;
  3. Extract Sp Flash Tool onto your computer. After extracting, you can see many files;
  4. Just run flash_tool.exe from the file you extracted;
  5. Once flash_tool.exe  starts, click on the Scatter-loading folder and add the file (stock ROM that comes in format ( Scatter file );
  6. After successfully adding the file to the tool, click the  download button ;
  7. Make sure your device is completely turned off and connect your USB cable;
  8. Wait while the Flash process takes place on your computer;
  9. Once the flash is complete, you can see a green approval checkmark in flash_tool.exe;
  10. Unplug the cable and plug in the cell phone which is already fully updated.
  11. Any flash-related error in Sp Flash Tool;