NETWORK UNLOCKING BY IMEI WITHOUT BOX Currently there are many mobile devices ( Phones ) coming from abroad and some are national that come with network restrictions, that is, the cell phone selects cards that can take the network. Mostly phones have been sold by operators for example: Tecno Rbs6, Itel AC13, Hisense U605, Mobicel Rio ss, Star among others. Therefore, the unlocking of the network allows these cell phones to take the network of other operators.

Unlocking the cell phone network is done in 3 ways, namely:

  • Unlocking with File

This type of unlocking is done on the basis of a file itself with the help of the computer and updating tools such as: Sp Flash Tool, SPD Flash Tool, Miracle Box and others that support loading flash files of different formats such as: scatter file , * pac file , *bin among others.

  • Direct Unlock

This Unlock is done using Box, it can be Dongle or Tool Online compatible or that supports Unlock the highlighted cell phone. Connect the cell phone using a USB cable and then follow the steps of Unlock.

  • Unlocking by IMEI

Unblocking the cell phone network can be done using the cell phone’s IMEI.¬†This process is done using our own programs for this purpose.¬†There are many tools used for¬†Network Unlock by IMEI¬†.¬†For technicians and users who cannot afford to buy professional tools for cellphone unlocking, there is a simple and complete solution.


Since many users are unable to buy professional materials to develop their technical activities such as unlocking cell phones, there was creativity to develop a program called MOZUNLOCKCODES (Apk), which allows unlocking cell phones online without needing to use Box.

How does this program work?

After purchasing the application that must be installed on phones with Android 6.1 system, the user must:

  • Install the Program on your cell phone;

There is no risk of endangering your device in operational damage. The program is 100% safe and reliable.

  • After installation the program opens on your device.

This is the MOZUNLOCKCODES application platform , but first you must register ( create an account ) by entering your Username, Telephone Number and Set a Password ( secret ) for your next login.

This is where you will be able to select the brand of Cell Phone you want to do the IMEI Unlocking. Currently this program only supports the following brands: HINSENSE , TECNO , ITEL , MOBIWIRE , STYLO , HURRICANE , MOVITEL and MOBICEL . Later the next updates may be added other tags in MozUnlockCodes .

Example select Hisense.

Once the Cell Phone brand is selected, a field will open to enter the IMEI of your Device corresponding to 15 digits . This IMEI can be acquired in two or more ways.

  • Removing the cell phone battery if it is removable.¬†Look on the cell phone plate if there is a paper with scriptures including the¬†IMEI: 123456789098999¬†.¬†Correctly type this number in the Insert IMEI in APK field.
  • For cell phones that don’t have the paper on the back or the battery is not removable, dial the following code:¬†*#06#¬†.¬†Your cell phone will display an IMEI code that contain the same¬†15 Digits¬†.

If your cell phone has 2 SIM cards, 2 IMEIs will be displayed. I recommend that you insert IMEI 1 so as not to give an error in the Unlocking process.

After inserting the IMEI click on CALCULATE , a code will appear immediately, which must be entered on your phone in order to unlock it.


This app neither by¬†God’s¬†or¬†Satan’s¬†miracles¬†can generate unlock code¬†without Credits¬†.

What are Credits?

Credits are defined as fuel for the car to walk. Therefore, if your MozUnlockCodes account has no credits, it will not be possible to calculate the IMEI and provide you with the unlock code.

Note : Each unlock code generated by the application will be discounted by -1 credit to your account.

Where and how can you buy credits?

Attention ! The credits referred to here are not refills from Vodacom , Movitel or Tmcel . Only we can sell and add them to your MozUnlockCodes account . If you want to buy credits, please contact us and provide us with your account information such as: mobile number added in MozUnlockCodes.

Where to download MozUnlockCodes App?

The app is not on the Playstore. Only we can provide you with the interest in obtaining it. Contacting us to get your ANOUnlockCodes app and make money.


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