New HTTP Injector Ehi Config File Download Free Browsing/internet 2022

HTTP Injector Ehi Config File Free Download

HTTP Injector Ehi Config File Download Free Browsing/internet 2022 This page was modified in August 2022 because we provided new MTN and Cell C configuration files that can be imported into the HTTP injector for free browsing. Airtel and Glo configuration files are also supplied. Get the greatest cheat configurations that work in a variety of nations, including South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya.

This guide is for you if you want to avoid the 50MB limits and enjoy limitless MTN free browsing 2022. We previously released both Syponshield VPN and Spark VPN settings to activate this hack on this blog “anonyshu,” but we found many people couldn’t utilize more than 50MB or even get connected in the first place.

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As a result, here is another way that uses the newest HTTP Injector and its ehi config file, which you will change to enjoy limitless MTN free browsing this month. Thanks to blogs such as wizytechs, Misha, and our own for making these MTN ehi config files and Cell C ehi config files available for free.

HTTP Injector VPN provides a quicker connection and eliminates the bothersome disconnection difficulties that you used to have with AnonyTun and other vpn programs. The most intriguing aspect of this software is that it is completely free to download and use on Android phones.

After that, I’ll show you how to use HTTP Injector settings and import the MTN config file. Remember that this cheat works on both Android and PCs (PC), and it is currently active. Everything you need to get started is provided below.

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What exactly is HTTP Injector and how does it function?

HTTP Injector is a professional-grade program for setting a custom HTTP header. You can also use SSH tunneling to access sites that are banned by a firewall.

HTTP Injector can be a little tricky to use, but its official website has a really helpful manual to help you out.

HTTP Injector is a VPN known for its internet stealing abilities because it provides free internet to all users who use it. This app assists its users in establishing a secure connection to any free website, commonly referred to as a bug host or a zero-rated website, and then begins injecting the website’s HTTP/SSH servers by hijacking the free connection and allowing it to flow through the user’s entire device due to its tunneling capacity.

So, how about I ask you, “Is http injector illegal?” What are you going to say? Almost certainly. Because if you are in a country such as South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Nigeria and use this app to access the internet from your internet provider without subscribing to an internet bundle, you are doing so illegally because you are hijacking the host entered in the application for injection. However, this will only open the door to the world of free internet, where internet is a freedom.


  • An Android phone with an MTN NG 3G or 4G sim card but no active data
  • Use the standard MTN APN settings.
  • Download the most recent HTTP Injector VPN here.
  • Download the HTTP Injector Config for MTN here. Alternatively, you can obtain the most
  • recent working configuration file from this free browsing Telegram Group. (August 2022 New
  • Configuration Update)
  • Config Files for Cell C
  • Get the most recent MTN SA free browsing Config file for South Africa.


  • Download the app and choose a configuration file from the links supplied above.
  • Install and launch the HTTP Injector VPN app.
  • Then, in the upper-right corner, tap on the Paper icon.
  • Now, select Import Config, navigate to the MTN Ehi Config file, and select it to import.



Below is the list of newly updated HTTP Injector config files for MTN and Cell C.

How to Use HTTP Injector to Get Free Internet

To acquire free internet with HTTP Injector, you must configure or set up the program with information that you know can provide free internet. They offer a vast range of tools, which can be perplexing to a newcomer. You will need a basic understanding of concepts such as Server, SSH, SNI, Bug host, Payload, and so on, as well as how they work, as you will later utilize this to develop a working http injector ehi config file.

However, we’ve discovered that many individuals aren’t very knowledgeable about such things, therefore they hunt for a better solution, which is to obtain the config files for this software. The config files for http injector are provided below for free use by any of our readers.


You’re probably curious about how to make hat files for free internet on any network. You should read the guide linked below.

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Download HTTP Injector Free Internet Config File for All Countries (All Network)



Below are some working Airtel HA Tunnel Plus config files.

See more Airtel config files or see this updated HA tunnel config files

If you still encounter any issue browsing free with your MTN or Cell C, let us know via the comments section and we will help you out.

It is crucial to note that the HTTP Injector config file can expire at any time, so bookmark this page and return to download the latest and updated ehi config files here on Mokoweb Blog.


You can connect it to your PC using PdaNet (no root necessary) or TetherNet VPN (root access required). Follow the instructions below;

  • After installing the Tethernet VPN program, share your phone’s hotspot with your PC.
  • Connect your VPN application
  • As you are using a VPN connection mode, open the TetherNet app and tap on VPN.
  • As you are sharing the connection via Hotspot, tap on Hotspot.
  • Finally, press the Start Connection button.
  • You’ll get a notice that says “Connection Share Through AP Hotspot.”
  • Start browsing at full speed on your PC now. It provides electricity to the entire PC. There is
  • no need to configure a proxy server in any browser. Simply leave it set to “Automatically
  • Detect Settings.”
  • The preceding process only works on rooted phones; if yours isn’t, utilize PdaNet. It is
  • available for download via the Google Play Store and other third-party sources. You must
  • download both the Android and Windows versions on your PC.

This approach is compatible with both MTN and Cell C networks.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to PC, see our page about how to connect smartphone VPN trick on PC with apps.

HTTP Injector Free Internet EHI Config Files Download for All Countries [Updated Daily 2022]

Looking to obtain HTTP Injector EHI Config files and settings? Here we embark on another adventure in the free internet Adventure chapter, this time using HTTP Injector, a truly great VPN thanks to its multiple capabilities.

HTTP Injector has been one of the most popular VPNs for some years, and its popularity is continually growing. Because of its extensive development and test capabilities, HTTP Injector is an excellent solution for the majority of developers. HTTP Injector shares several characteristics with the well-known VPN, HA Tunnel Plus, such as high-performance servers and a secure connection between the two parties that serve a connection.

HTTP Injector, like HA Tunnel Plus, can be tough to use and even more difficult to configure than HA Tunnel Plus due to its wide and numerous tools; you may be confused when attempting to configure the software, and any error may cost you free internet connectivity.


We understand that setting up HTTP Injector VPN is more difficult than setting up HA Tunnel Plus for free internet, especially when it comes to finding bug host (sni bug host), which is why we decided to create this section on our website where we upload daily http injector free internet config files so you can download and import in your the app and start browsing without doing any additional settings.

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Similarly, we’ve made it simple for all of our readers to get free internet using HA Tunnel Plus without having to set up anything, host anything, or even purchase the free internet hat files. We’ve created a section where you may download daily updated ha tunnel files as well as free internet files for all networks in many countries.


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So, to applaud the goal here, in this guide, I will supply or share with you free internet ehi files for http injector that you may download, import, and use for free internet in your country.

But, before we go in for the files, let’s define HTTP Injector.