Huawei MAR-AL00/TL00 Rebrand Convert to Global firmware (Playstore Fix)

Huawei Nova 4e MAR-AL00 is a Chinese model of the Global P30 Lite. Both phones have the same hardware and look similar on the outside as well. But the Chinese model has no Google apps and a lot of bloatware is installed by Chinese marketers. But we can solve this problem by turning the Chinese model into a global version. After conversion, everything works including google play store. This transfer is permanent so you can upgrade and reset your phone to factory settings after the transfer. This service is performed through remote access on a windows computer.

Huawei MAR-AL00/TL00 Convert to Global firmware flash file (Playstore Fix)

Huawei Nova 4e MAR-AL00/TL00 Rebrand Convert to Global (Playstore Fix)

Supported Model:


How this firmware works:

  • All data on your phone will be wiped
  • We will do it without opening back cover
  • You need a windows 7/10 computer
  • Teamviewer should be installed on your computer
  • The phone should be connected to the computer using a good USB cable
  • We will connect to your computer through TeamViewer and convert it
  • It takes around 1-2 hours of your time
  • After conversion, your phone will have stock firmware with all google apps
  • All google services and apps will work
  • Your Phone will be able to install automatic updates

What is the cost:

  • Service charges are xx
  • Payment accepted through PayPal and western union


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